June 14, 2010

This is Meat.

Vegan or meat-eating foodie, we can all agree that plastic-wrapped sanitized de-boned 1,500-mile-shipped antibiotic and corn-fattened animals who never see the light of day…that is, all meat from factory farms, isn’t mindful. It’s horrible.

Here’s a new generation’s take on an old school craft. The Pig and the Butcher. There’s nothing disconnected or sanitized: it’s all there. It’s an animal, so recently sentient, killed for our appreciation and pleasure.

Via Kickstarter:

Akimenko Meats, Bringing Locally and Sustainably Raised Meats to Our Community

About this project

Akimenko Meats strives to bridge the gap between the city dweller and our local farmers. Our commitment to our neighbors is to bring in local, organic, and sustainable products while supporting the local agricultural community, building customer awareness, ultimately aiding our local economy.

Akimenko Meats will deal primarily with farms in a 250 mile radius and whole animals. To help make Akimenko Meats more sustainable we will offer house made charcuteries and stocks, making use of the whole animal. Our ultimate goal is to make local and sustainable meats available to all walks of life and year round. Akimenko Meats does not believe that eating with an ethical conscience should be a privilege that only the wealthy can afford.

We want our customers to be engaged directly with our butchers, so we will not have meat in cases. This is another way to bring the customers closer to the source of their food, bring down the barriers that separate us from the customers and build personal relationship to help support the community. Our unique philosophy for customer service will set us apart from other shops in the area.

The slow food movement has helped bring a Culinary Renaissance to the U.S. and now is the time to bring its ideals and ethos to the masses while retaining a sense of community. With the financial support from our contributers we will reach our goal of $15,000 from kickstarter, which we will use to secure our proposed location and help achieve our overall goal of $200,000 to open the butcher shop. Thank you for your support.
Project location: Cambridge, MA

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Read 13 comments and reply

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