July 26, 2010

Fly with Hummingbirds: Awaken Dreamers.


Imagine your heart beating 1,200 times per minute!

A famous line from the world’s most widely embraced spiritual poet reads thus: “The Breeze at Dawn has secrets to tell you, don’t go back to sleep”. The time is now to awaken and empower a new generation of leaders to help all of us create the world we dream is possible. That is exactly what the Awakening the Dreamer / Changing the Dream Young Adult Leadership Training is all about.  Young adults ages 18 – 32 will learn how to work with their peers to run a 2 – 3 hour peer-led workshop that inspires a clear sense of identity and purpose for a Generation Waking Up. As Van Jones recently said:  “This new generation was born to change the whole world”!

WHEN: This August 1 – 8 at the Hummingbird Community in northern New Mexico.

WHERE: Hummingbird Eco Community – Mora, New Mexico
WHO: Young Adults 18 – 32
WHAT: a dynamic young adult leadership training to help usher in a whole new world!

Set in the Sangre de Christo Mountains of Northern New Mexico, this training will expose young adults to principles and values that can become the foundation for an entirely new culture. What are the positive actions that will lead to an environmentally sustainable, thriving, spiritually fulfilling and socially just world? WAKE UP!

This event will be the second annual gathering of passionate and committed mentors and participants alike.

Rather than sinking into despair and resignation about the beleaguered world that is being left for nearly 8 billion humans to inherit, there is hope, positive action and a palpable enthusiasm for new possibilities brewing all across the planet.

It’s never too late to join in this “blessed unrest” that is sweeping the hearts and minds of millions. And now for a brief message from Paul Hawken during a recent Bioneers Conference in San Francisco.  My intention sharing this is to encourage all of us that plenty of good news is happening, let’s add to the movement.


Be spontaneous, clear the proverbial decks and make making the world a better place your top priority!  Life is shorter than most of us believe, so embrace every moment fully and maximize your contribution. Let’s give back our love and gratitude to our precious earth and all life that shares each moment with us.  We do matter and we can make a difference.  If anyone doubts the creativity, commitment and engagement of young people take a look at this little ditty produced by a 14 year old in one evening on his computer!  This is meant to inspire you, not intimidate you! 🙂 It communicates a heck of a lot in 1 minute and 30 seconds!  Take to heart his message that we all matter!  This next message adds just the right amount of urgency to the admixture of all that is happening in our world.

Here is how you can join the front lines (just click on it) and engage with like minded peers and kindred spirits.  There is plenty of time to pack and hit the road! Are you kidding, in this last minute culture, you’ve got plenty of time.  Slow down, breathe and know you can do this.

Remember, hope is an empty emotion unless it is combined with action!

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Read 2 comments and reply

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