November 2, 2010

5, No, 6, No 7 Reasons Why Ken Buck Scares Me.

Ken Buck is EXTREME!  Wait, that sounded like it was a good thing.

The new sloganized attack on Ken Buck is that he is “too extreme for Colorado”.  Even after he has flip flopped on several key issues in his campaign to please the more moderate voter, he still is too extreme for Colorado.  That says a lot about the views he stormed onto the political scene with.

  1. His stance on abortion.  He does not support abortion in the case of  rape or incest,but will support if  the mother’s life is in danger.  And to think this is a softened stance! Here is why this stance bothers me so damn much.   I cannot believe that Buck would not even give the option to women to end a pregnancy that they had no want or desire to be a part of, not conception or delivery.  I have  read some cases of women keeping the baby (warning, graphic content) and being as happy as if it came from a loving relationship, but there are other cases  where a woman is  so traumatized by the event that carrying a baby for nine months and delivering it would just be a constant reminder of the pain she has  experienced at the hands  of someone else.  Would it be unfair to offer her the option of how she would like to handle being sexually assaulted?  At the end of the day, not every woman who is  the victim of rape and becomes pregnant will abort their child, so it’s not like it’s a given when this situation occurs that an abortion will occur.  Why can’t we give women even more power after an event that may have  shaken their thoughts of safety and ability to protect themselves.  I see it only fair that this should be where our society sits on this issue.
  2. He is apathetic about keeping manufacturing jobs in the United States but wants to keep certain jobs (computers, cars, and energy) in the country.  Even though Colorado has lost 44,000 jobs due to  our trade deficit with China, and we aren’t even the worst off.  It just seems like he should be fighting much harder for the blue collar worker in which this nation once relied on.
  3. When asked why people should vote for him, he said  “Because I don’t wear high heels”.  Don’t believe me?   The video is below.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW9qbQCXH6Y
  4. He believes that climate change is a hoax, even with Colorado’s leading climate scientists saying the opposite.  Then in  order to please moderate voters he claims that climate change does exist, he just does not think it is man made.
  5. He also refused to prosecute a very clear case of rape (this is an article and transcript which may  not be safe for work or children,  please be  aware).   Hell, the offender admitted he knew what he was doing was wrong and Buck did not believe he would receive a unanimous decision in the court and even called this a case of “buyer’s remorse”.
  6. Buck compares being gay to being an alcoholic.  It is a choice according to Buck but birth could be somewhat of an influence.
  7. His idea of  a fair tax is a flat tax that seems to target essentials like groceries that people are struggling to afford  right now, let alone with a huge tax levied on it.  It would be noble if he stuck with it but again just kept backing off his extreme stances to moderately extreme stances.  Not much changed.

We do not need this man representing the more moderate people of Colorado.  I know that Republicans sound like they know what they are doing but where is there plan?  All I have heard is the word “NO!”, and it just kept being a negative campaign.  If the 90’s taught us anything, it’s that when the Republicans say no, they are really saying no to change that could help this country.

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