December 21, 2010

Assistance dogs, doggy Karma, all dogs go to heaven!

I’ve been around dogs all my life. As a little fella I had a labrador called “General” ’cause he was in the army before I got him. One day, my Mum came home from work and couldn’t find me or General… I’d taken him to the little boys room with me and when she asked why, I just replied “God’s always watching me!”. I wasn’t allowed to go to Sunday school after that!

Ross was the last dog we had. A border collie that thought he was a person. He’d stand in the doorway of the living room giving me “that look” until I turned off the lights in the hallway…the lights kept him awake you see. And he used to take himself for walks and knock on the front door when he got back.

Anyhoo, what I’m trying to say is; dogs are special. They’ll always go beyond the line for their masters, way beyond the call of duty. They’ll love us unconditionally and never moan or complain. Listen to our stories of heartbreak and be a shoulder to cry on, never saying “I told you so” or criticising our actions. All they look for from us is love, affection and a full belly.

Working dogs and especially Assistance dogs are definitely working off some serious karma in my opinion. Seeing-eye dogs or Guide dogs as we say in Europe have made a difference in people’s lives for decades. Sniffer dogs keep us safe in Airports. And I always remember listening to stories of the St. Bernard dogs in the Swiss Alps rescuing skiers from avalanches, with the famous keg of brandy hanging from their collars.

But for me the Assistance dogs working with children on the Autistic spectrum are something else. This is a great video;

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Read 3 comments and reply

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