December 2, 2010

The Pub Yogi.

When the working day is done and it’s time to hit the Yoga class why for some folk is it so much more tempting to hit the pub (or bar) and skip class? There’s a multitude of reasons why but I spoke to one pub-loving Yogi who gave me his reasons—from a sober place I hasten to add. Do any of them ring true with you?

  • Getting to the pub requires little effort, the only decisions lie in where to sit, what to drink and who’s buying the next round.

  • The pub has its very own relaxed atmosphere—why do we need Yoga for that?

  • Regular pint practice, lifting and lowering!! Now that’s Yoga and a great way to strengthen those biceps.

  • It’s good to talk and in class you can’t talk or gossip about the latest happenings at work or in your home life, socialising  is the key. The silent persona is a tough one to master and that’s what most Yoga classes require.

  • The bar staff always look good, a great form of trataka, beats staring at a candle flame any day.

  • Pubs and bars often have a dance floor so get Yoga while you drink! The 2-in-1 option: got to be worth its weight in gold.

  • Regular Yoga practice can be boring. At least when you’re in the pub it’s easy to visit the bathroom without feeling guilty, which is certainly not possible in most Yoga classes without others thinking you’re leaving to get out of the tough asanas.

OK! Enough is enough. I can’t sit here and watch this happen, so I need to fight the cause, too much snow in the UK seems to be getting to my head.

Why  does Yoga beat the pub?

  • Yoga brings us a sense of peace, love and harmony in the body, mind and soul.

  • With Yoga we feel balanced, focused and consistent in what we want to achieve.

  • Having a pint might be nice but on a regular basis it simply just isn’t good for the health or much else for that matter.

  • Yoga is healthy and healing 🙂

  • Lack of focus attracts the unwanted things in life, bad drink, bad food, bad relationships, bad, bad, bad.

  • Yoga, a place in time to just ‘be’.

  • Meeting like-minded people is a bonus don’t you think?

In the long run there needs to be a healthy balance, regular Yoga practice and the occasional drinking—not drinking and the occasional Yoga. Let’s hear what you think.

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Read 16 comments and reply

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