January 13, 2011

The Essence Of Christian Spirituality ~January 13th.

“Being precedes the entities which participate in it!” ~Pseudo Dionysus

“Christian Spirituality and Theology cannot be separated. God has joined them together in an insoluble bond. The liturgy enshrines and manifests this vital unity. It is designed above all to transmit “the mind of Christ” the consciousness that Jesus manifested of the Ultimate Reality as “Abba,” the God of infinite compassion.” ~from The Mystery Of Christ by Thomas Keating

“Our intention and our prayer can be summed up in eight words: May I know you, may I know myself.” ~ St. Augustine

“Contemplative Meditation, as opposed to discursive meditation, is concerned not with philosophy, thought, or ideas, but with grasping our true nature in God.” ~ Thomas Merton

“To get to the core of God, in His greatest, one must first find the core of oneself in his least. True religion is growth by subtraction.” ~Meister Eckhart

I Am That I Am.

~Exodus 3:14

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