February 13, 2011

Event Report: Sneak Peek of 9th Annual Conscious Life Expo

Today is Sunday, February 13th and I’ve been at the Conscious Life Expo near the Los Angeles Airport since Friday. I’ve enjoyed myself thoroughly, met some amazing people with common interests, learned new things, and have been entertained and amused.

In the interest of time, and to ensure that I’m actually AT the expo, capturing my experience, I’ll give you a brief glimpse of what I’ve been up to and what to anticipate in my final report.

This is my second time attending the Conscious Life Expo. I had such a great time last year that I made sure to line things up so I could be here again. Last year I covered a wide range of topics and circulated as thoroughly as one could in a three day time with so many speakers, presentations, vendors, entertainers, and more.

This time around, my interest has been more narrowed and I’ve focused mostly on transformational films and energetically charged music. It’s not what I PLANNED to focus on, but it’s what has happened more naturally. In my experience, there’s a difference between planning from a schedule, and actually following my feet and my intuition in the moment.

I attended the media panel on Friday evening, which was moderated by Audrey Philpot. The panelists were Barnet Bain, Bill Gladstone, Gary Tomchuk, Jared Rosen, Greg Reitman. I’ll tell you about that in detail in the next couple of days.

From that, I learned about certain films being showcased at the Conscious Life Film Festival and was introduced to experts and innovators in the field of film and media who have been involved in the creation of transformational films.

What is a transformational film? My understanding is that it’s a film that may be entertaining, but it’s purpose is to cause a person to think about a certain issue in a certain way and to inspire them into action, therefore creating positive change in their own life.

Some of the films highlighted here are “Happy”, “Connected: A Declaration of Interdependence”, “Tapping the Source”, “Spiritual Liberation“, “Perspectives” and the controversial “Pharmawhores”. I’ve had the good fortune to attend many of these screenings and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with you, in more detail.

As for the music that I’ve been had the privilidge of experiencing, there are two bands that I’ve heard so far that have broadened my awareness. I’ve learned about an unusual, flying-saucer-like instrument called a “hang”, and I’ll introduce you to the lovely Kataka Gara. I also had the honor of experiencing the beautiful Elijah Ray’s “Band of Light”, which inspired a dance CRAZE! Lots of fun pics and so much more to follow!

Today, I’ll be seeing a screening of “Tapping the Source” and will attend an awards ceremony, at which I’ve been told that Mikki Willis of Elevate Films will be honored for his efforts to raise consciousness and broaden awareness through his film festivals and short and feature films. He and his wife Nadia are the powerhouse duo behind Elevate Films and the Elevate Film Festival.

Mikki has been an inspiration to many, myself included. My first ever reporting assignment was to attend the premiere of Michael Bernard Beckwith’s “Spiritual Liberation”, which was produced by Mikki Willis. I was duly impressed with his work and his commitment to “raising the bar”, creating films of substance and quality that are entertaining AND enlightening. He is a true master at his craft.

I’ve since heard him speak a number of times at various conferences and expos. I’m excited to witness the award ceremony and I’ll be sure to take some great pictures for you and will do my best to get the behind-the-scenes scoop for you!

Thanks so much for following my work. I’ve had a lot of fun being here, experiencing all this beauty and I look forward to telling you more once I’ve had a chance to sit with it for a day or two.

In my experience, it’s better to have less pomp and more circumstance. In the recent past, I’ve promised too much and have let myself and others down in doing so. I’m learning my lessons, feeling my way, and I appreciate your patience.

I’m committed to giving you my very best, juiciest, highest quality work and that kind of artistry takes a bit of time and patience. I promise that you’ll be rewared with a well-rounded, organized, colorful report. My aim is that you’ll feel as if you were right there with me. Cheers!

Claire Amber, aka “the Feng Shui Fairy”, is a writer, life coach, artist and musician. She is the creator of Love and Compassion Arts Mentorship Program (Love C.A.M.P.) and can be reached via Facebook, by e-mail at [email protected], and on twitter as healingmagicart.

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