February 8, 2011

MAKENEW: Edited designer vintage [plus commentary on sustainable fashion]

MAKENEW is a bi-monthly collection built from art, color and current trends offering a carefully selected assortment of designer thrift & genuine vintage clothing and accessories at affordable prices.

Products include high end designer label, union made, domestically made, handmade, vintage 20 years+ and true vintage which is typically pre-mass production circa 1940s/50s/60s.


Popular belief is that shopping for used clothing can be time consuming. It seems easier for a consumer driven by trends and advertisements to go into a shop and buy something new but the effects of producing new clothing more often than not take a toll on our environment and workers. Cheap mass produced clothing may be an easy fix but the process getting it to the shop is not so easy at all. Most garments these days are made abroad in countries where workers are often exploited and material production is very hard on our earth. Whether it be from carbon related shipping, waste from packaging, dying processes and run-off, water usage, chemical synthetics, harvesting and the use of pesticides, new production can be a complicated and harmful process. Making new items closer to home with less impact is better but there will still be a foot print. The most sustainable fashion option is to re-use.

At MAKENEW we see the future taking a nose dive in the production of new clothing by making use of the stuff we have already made. Instead of throwing mass amounts of used clothing into landfills we can locally ship the garments out to used clothing centers. They weed out the ruined items and those can be used say, as rags for the household or quilts. The items that are in good shape are offered at a competitive price (cheaper than new) to the public. Why not even have a few sewers and an in house tailor to suit the needs of the customers? Custom fittings and alterations can make an old garment look and feel new again.

Our goal at MAKENEW is to ultimately provide fashionable quality clothing at an affordable price. We also go one step further. We do the leg work for you. The editing, altering, everything is ready for you to come visit us and experience thrift shopping like you never have before. Every item is hand picked to be a part of a modern design collection. Our biggest challenge? Finding you the high-end most coveted designer labels out there. The best quality clothing is worth wearing over and over again because it lasts. No one can argue that.

This is the future of sustainable fashion.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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