May 26, 2011

Become an Elephant Yoga Blogger Right Here Right Now.

Hi, everyone. Recently someone suggested that Elephant Yoga should have its own open blogging community, where anyone can create their own blog.

Then it occurred to me, why not experiment with this idea by simply opening up a weekly Community Blog where anyone can write whatever they like, and others can comment.

So that’s what I’m doing here. Write your own blogs as comments below. If you already have a blog, you are welcome to cut and paste your best blogs here, with a link to your blog, of course.

To subscribe and get e-mail notices, all you have to do is write a comment or reply, choosing to get e-mail notification for either just replies to that comment, or to all comments.

Register with Intense Debate and enter your bio, photo, and links there. This will appear in a pop-up when a reader mouses over your photo.

Voila! Instant Open Community!

We will excerpt the best entries and discussions in the next week’s Community Blog. Some will undoubtedly become Elephant Yoga articles.

Let’s give it a shot. This will thrive or die on the vine, depending on your participation. We’ll learn something either way.

It’s a grand experiment, but so is about 90% of what you’re seeing on Elephant Yoga these days.

I like that about us.

Bob Weisenberg
Yoga Editor

P.S. If you have suggestions or think this is an utterly hare-brained idea, write that in a comment here, too.


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Read 60 comments and reply

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