May 24, 2011

Can Anyone be an Artist? Banksy vs. Mr. Brainwash.

Exit Through the Gift Shop began for me as a mind-expanding dialogue about art, its meaning, and the role of the artists who create it. The Oscar nominated film chronicles the path of an eccentric shopkeeper (and wannabe artist’s) rise to stardom in a alarmingly superficial art world where his supporters seem to be following the herd rather than thinking for themselves.

As an art egalitarian, I believe everyone has the potential to express themselves meaningfully and creatively, and that we carry a responsibility to think deeply about the issues brought up by art and culture. I have also believed that one needn’t have a Picasso-sized talent to do so.

This film turned me all on my head. What do you believe about your inner artist? Do you have one? What makes an artist?

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Read 3 comments and reply

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