June 10, 2011

Mad Mission

Take a look all around you.

Go ahead–look straight ahead.  Look up; look down.  Look to your right then your left.  Swivel around and take a look behind you.

Every single thing you see?

Will be gone someday.

Everything changes.  Nothing stays the same.  Sometimes plans don’t work out.  People are not always loving and loyal.  These are life’s givens.

Think they don’t apply to you at your own peril.

In the end, our triumphs and our failures probably won’t matter all that much.  Whether or not we stuck handstand in the middle of the room will fall away.  What shall remain is the love we’ve given away.

It’s a mad mission.

In a world of impermanence, we continue to make plans.  In a world in which it may not matter if we ever stick handstand, we continue to try.  In a world of disappointment, we dare to hope again.  In a world in which someone might not love us back, or enough, or the way we wish they would, we continue to fall in love, and to love mightily.

In my book, that makes us heroes.

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Read 8 comments and reply

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