August 26, 2011

Burning Man “is soooo Amazing.”

Everyone there seems to agree. Me…I’m not sure.

The art…yes. The big boots and faux fur and Mad Max style…no. The drugs…nanh—I get high off life, the present moment, that’s my lineage. The sharing…yes. The eco-inspired camps…yes. The dust…yes and no. The burning and driving and creepers? Nanh. The parties…sounds good. The get-out-of-daily-life-for-a-week? Sounds good.

Still, something about the wild abandon seems desperate—as if it’s a gathering for those who, all year, are cubicle-bound or suppressing something…why not bring a little of this joy passion sex style art to every day, and celebrate all year long?

Maybe they do that, too. Enjoy:

PS: hi, AG. ^

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Read 12 comments and reply

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