August 30, 2011

Cartoons from…Prison.

My brother is in prison and this post is from his blog, which has since been taken down because it led to him being put in solitary confinement for 30 days. ~Lynn

I’m working on a series of cartoons depicting interesting residents of the linden medical unit here at Faribault Correctional. This post is dedicated to the hard-working Linden unit C.O.’s and Health services staff at MCF-Faribault who have to deal with these wackos on a daily basis and also to the inmate aids who do a thankless job.

Mr. Spillman is a long-term resident of this unit. he is moist most of the time and has been seen walking around naked from the waist down demanding three blue diapers. He killed his wife and daughters then failed to successfully take his own life by a gunshot to the head.

Mr. Jones is an ancient (79) heroin addict and he hates white people. He should be in a shelter, not a prison. Mr. Jones gets a supplemental bag at chow and he shouts through the food port, “Ey, lemme git dat bag, don’t be playin’ no games, ya hillbilly.”

Mr. Kelly is a child molester who can barely read or write. From what I hear the reason his head is permanently tilted to the right is due to an enraged father striking him with a 2×4 and then burying the nasty end of a clawhammer in his skull. He gets out December of 2011. He likes to check the vending machines for change.

I am Mr. Mangens’ wheelchair pusher. He is called chicken wing because of the way he hold his arm due to a stroke. He does not regularly shower and occasionally will wash his hair in the toilet. He sleeps in his clothes and recently got off the stool, turned around as a piece of shit rolled off his ass, down his pants, sock and shoe, he then stepped in the turd, returned to his room and hopped into bed with his dirty clothes still on. It took four days to convince him to shower and change pants. I wear latex exam gloves to push him to dining hall.

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