August 15, 2011

Norway Shooter Calmly Reenacts Massacre

Yesterday, Anders Behring Breivik, the confessed killer of almost 70 Norweigan youth campers, led island police through a reenactment of the mass shooting. Breivik, wearing a bullet-proof vest, walking restrained by a leash attached to a body harness, was trailed by a dozen police officers for eight hours.

Officials followed him as he retraced his steps, and actions-raising his arms in a mock show of how he fired at the campers swimming to the mainland, trying to escape.

The prosecutor, Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby, said that while he was “not unmoved” Breivik showed no remorse for his actions.


Police in Norway are now saying that they believe Breivik may have recorded the shooting and are actively searching for his camera. Apparently his hopes are that TV newsrooms across Norway would show parts of the footage. There has been no response as to whether or not officials would allow the video to be viewed by the public if found.

Breivik, the self-proclaimed warrior in a crusade against Muslim integration and immigration, wrote a fifteen hundred page manifesto which he published hours before the attack on July 22, 2011. In it are mentions of a plan to break free from jail to execute a “bonus operation” amongst his confession that getting arrested was something he was counting on in his plan.

“Your arrest will mark the initiation of the propaganda phase. Your trial offers you a stage to the world.”

He faces up to twenty one years when he is, if convicted.

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