August 30, 2011

Seeking Truth – Should We Water Board Dick Cheney?

Is it just sad or horrifically pathetic that Dick Cheney must re-write history to make himself appear more powerful and disturbing to peace and harmony in the world than his real life actually was and continues to be?

Yes, I know, water boarding Mr. Cheney is not exactly the greatest example of restorative justice. How could he restore the damage his policies and decisions have caused? Perhaps by telling the truth for once.  It could easily be supported that he is personally responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. His influence and recommendations destroyed the lives of innocent citizens in many countries, including his recommendations to bomb villages in Cambodia, ostensibly to keep military supply routes for the Vietnam War “safe & secure.” That may have been his first transgression of all international law and precedent. In his mind, executive privilege goes a long way.

In his new memoir, to be released today, he drops bombs on his friends and colleagues as he tells T.V interviewers that “heads are going to explode” in Washington. As if Dick Cheney’s inside dealings on behalf of Halliburton weren’t egregious enough to make him one of the wealthiest self-serving politicians in our history; now, he’s launched a publicity tour to reshape the world in his image and boost book sales.

Dick Cheney's New Memoir

Cheney has no regrets and no apologies for his career, he made no mistakes of judgement or action, according to his own interpretation of history. If he were still in office, he would do it all over again. If there was ever an opportunity to practice compassion and unconditional love, this fellow would be the ultimate focal point.

The euphemism of all euphemisms has to be “enhanced interrogation techniques”.  Dick Cheney is incapable of referring to his favorite sadistic practice as torture. He appears as arrogant and unapologetic as ever on television and radio. He continues to believe in torture, in spite of the CIA inspector general report that so-called enhanced interrogation doesn’t work.


Before too much hoopla get’s stirred up by Cheney’s appearance in the media, I thought it would be helpful to share a sneak preview of his interview aired on the Today Show yesterday. Brace yourself for more, as Mr. Cheney will undoubtedly be interviewed time and again about his book “In My Time.”.

As we approach the ten year anniversary of 9/11 – perhaps we could use water boarding on Mr. Cheney to see if it works. We might get a full confession from him.  He might reveal what really happened on that September day in 2001 or why he designed the shock and awe attack on Iraq under false pretenses.  Any number of revelations might be exposed. If he fails to admit his role in designing and implementing the New American Century, we’ll discover his favorite enhanced techniques of torture don’t work after all. Don’t give up or give in, there are those who will testify against him. Who is willing to stand up and press charges for all his crimes?

In the absence of criminal prosecution, here is an interlude from Pema Chodron to keep your blood pressure steady. This brief reminder of the absurdity of all our troubles helps keep it all in perspective:

Even Colin Powell is outraged by Mr. Cheney’s account of history – Colin’s head didn’t explode as Mr. Cheney predicted, but General Powell did get steamy in an interview to respond to the reincarnation of “Darth Vader”, as many of Cheney’s critics like to call him. He survived his 5th heart attack in February last year and only a hand full of famous folks have survived more. General and President Dwight D. Eisenhower survived seven and Peter Sellers survived eight, his ninth was fatal as he was having lunch in London.

If caring hearts and open minds don’t show up for the next election, we may end up with more authoritarian personalities with no conscience, driven by ideologues. Keep in mind, Mr. Cheney is the champion and hero to the ultra-right-wing Tea Party candidates in this country. I realize this posting raises an emotional response for many who yearn for integrity , honesty and ethical behavior among our leaders. If you’re still disturbed by these recollections of Dick Cheney’s legacy and his attempt to stand tough on his record, I offer this guided Tonglen practice to help you regain equanimity. My own teacher always recommended that we release any contractions as one begins Tonglen. Spend a moment smiling down into your heart, releasing any negativity as you bring a soft and gentle feeling of joy in your chest.

Rather than a song, I’ll end with one of my favorite quotes from Thomas Paine, a true American Patriot:

“Such is the irresistible nature of truth,

that all it asks and all it wants is the liberty of appearing”

Stay Awake!

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