September 8, 2011

3OH!3: Greening the Tour. {Video}

With thanks for the tip to Robbie Stout:

“…a pretty cool video about some of their green efforts while on Warper Tour: No bottled water, recycling bin on tour bus, no paper plates (re-usable dishes), Kombucha, etc. Not bad for a touring pop band.”

Get crunchy—beyond the frisbee, the man-pone, the V8—you and all your famous rock star buddies can give a care while you set the world on fire. Good onya, 3OH!3:

PS: Sean, Nat, you all should watch this movie Bag It…go easy on the plastics, even though you’re commendably recycling/reusing ’em, they aren’t good for your health and never, ever decompose. “Every piece of plastic ever made still exists.” Instead, drink out of stainless steel or good ol’fashion glass—Ball jars are a favorite.


A few of youtube’s most popular 3OH!3 videos:

“I’m a vegetarian and I ain’t f******g scared of him”

From wayyy back, in Boulder:



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