October 8, 2011

Say ‘I Love You’ Today.

What are You Waiting For!?



One lovely summer evening as I was walking beneath the full moon with a lovely being beside me, suddenly, like a bolt of lightening I was overcome with immense love in my heart for him. I could feel this love bubbling and bursting through me, a tender warmth overwhelmed me.

Thoughts of what to say came and went. Thoughts of past heartache came and went. Thoughts of how he might feel came and went. The only way through this energetic pull of oneness was through expressing this love to him. Without fear, I gathered my courage. Without fear of what may come to pass or how this may change my friendship with him, I took the leap of faith. “I feel so much love in my heart for you,” were the words of truth that rang through my being and into the dark crisp summer evening air. Breathing in my authentic voice I could only express what I felt at that moment without thought of the impact of this expression.


It felt amazing to be in this authentic place of knowing and expressing myself without fear. To say, “I love you,” and to know and feel it. To this day, I am often overwhelmed by the depth and truth of this love and continue to share and express what I feel. Without fear. And as I do, my heart continues to open, feel and express more love.

In the midst of our current state of high rates of separation and divorce, I feel we are being called to reflect upon our relationships, our love for ourselves as well as for others. Are we to define a new way of being in relationship with others? Are we supposed to find “the one?” Are we to continue the roller coaster of marriage and divorce?

Deep in my heart, I believe that when we truly love, respect and care for ourselves, we open ourselves to the possibility of true love with others. Until then, we continue to learn what we need to learn and grow in ways that bring us closer to our place of truth and knowing. 



Just for today, look into the mirror and repeat many times to yourself, “I Love You.”

Notice inside your heart how this feels.

Just for today, look into the face of your loved ones and express what your heart feels for him or her.

Whether it is, “I feel so much love in my heart for you” or in the case where you have drifted away from your loved one, “I am saddened that we do not express as much love as we once did.”

Honor your feelings toward yourself and others. Express in kind ways how you feel. Invite more love into your heart and into your life. Enjoy!

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Read 4 comments and reply

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