October 14, 2011

Seane Corn Gets Off Her Yoga Mat & Occupies Wall Street.

Photo: J.T. Liss (Photography For Social Change)

“It’s not a movement—it’s an awakening”

Seane Corn, founder of Off The Mat And Into The World, stepped off her mat and Occupied Wall Street in the beginning of the week. People raised their yoga mats high above their heads in the name of peace while chanting, marching, and praying. All together. All united for the same goal, and it was beautiful. There was even a group tree pose.

Seane lead the crowd on a chant stating:

Photo: J.T. Liss (Photography For Social Change)

“Our intention for being here is to support with all the men, women , and children, who because of lack of opportunity, dissapointment, dissatisfaction, and anger, are finally feeling the need to rally together as a community to exercise their first amendment right, Freedom of speech, as well as Freedom of Assembly. To speak to truth that is perpetually separating all Americans from happiness, health, and prosperity. What is happening out here is yoga because it is about connection, community, unity, love, truth, happiness. This is why we are here. To lend our voice. To show our support, and to show what we stand for not against. We stand for unity. We stand for opportunity. We stand for equality. We stand for love. The most important thing we need to remember is that this matters. You matter. We matter. All of us matter. It’s a bout 100% love, 100%unity, 100% peace, 100% of the time.”

Ms. Corn then went on to offer a unified prayer to protesters. and Americans involved in #occupythis all over the world. Reminding protesters to breathe, because we need them.

The video is powerful. Although I wasn’t there, I felt like I was while watching. I had goosebumps.

Photo: J.T. Liss (Photography For Social Change)

Demonstrators were absolutely beaming. This was truly an epic day for American Yoga.

Peace Y’all


(Elena Brower and Russel Simmons show their support)

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