October 23, 2011

Why Reflexology Kicks A$%!

Reflexology came to the US in the early 1900s and has been around in other parts of the world since BCE. It is used to treat anything from depression to acne. When you think about the practice, this makes sense because your feet have thousands of nerves– and each part of the foot (and hands too) are linked with an organ or region of the body.  Now, I’ve always enjoyed a good massage and still would jump to be pampered into relaxation that way, but this is just another option. Reflexology seems to be a bit overlooked. Maybe this alternative health technique just hasn’t kicked in to the mainstream and caught on to the masses yet like massage or even acupuncture. That’s okay, but you could be missing out on some further healing.

I first developed interest in Reflexology when my cousin received her certification from a reputable school. She worked hard and started her own business. I just had to try out her services. I was completely amazed how well my body resonated with what seemed to be the perfect amount of pressure applied.  I didn’t have to undress, or feel awkward being less-than clothed in front of the stranger massaging my back, and no smelling the massage therapist’s breath hovering up my spine. What a bonus!

I would say this is a win on all accounts.

I could even sense the part of my body that was being activated and worked on as the pressure point was applied. No joke. A sensitive point on the bottom part of my foot, I felt right away. “Is that my lower back?” “Yes!”  When a spot is tender to the touch, it may be an indication of what’s going on in the area in which it correlates.

After the session, my skin was glowing, I felt invigorated and energetic. I even had a hard time falling right asleep that night. I could feel the chi running through my body, and it felt great. I encourage you to try Reflexology, especially if you have any ailments you want to get in check. Maybe give your feet a wash and put on clean socks before your appointment as a courtesy. Don’t worry if your feet are less than to be desired. Chances are, the Reflexologist has seen worse and is happy to assist in restoring you to better health!

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Read 5 comments and reply

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