November 14, 2011

Eco-Beauty Review: Organic Scar Cream makes great Anti-Aging Cream ~Jen Murphy

We’ve heard the story before, a lonely little anti-scar cream makes it big as an anti-aging cream; this is how the Strivectin empire was born. So, there’s nothing groundbreaking in our primary plot line. It’s no mystery how the same ingredients responsible for healthy new tissue growth in wound healing are also helpful in assisting our skin to age gracefully.

The fact that it’s now been done as an organic product is groundbreaking.

What’s in this organic miracle cream that makes it so effective:

Actually, there are 22 active ingredients in this formulation (out of 32 total ingredients), and many of them work synergistically to produce compounded effects on the skin. And every single botanical ingredient (which is most of them) is organic. Here are a few of the primary players with clinical studies to back up their potency:


Peptides are short strings of amino acids that are custom designed to accomplish specific actions, hence they are lab-engineered from things found in nature but not natural themselves. As long as the sources and processes by which these are made live up to a high (read “clean”) standard, these little ingredients are total gems. The efficacy of peptides to accomplish certain tasks in skincare is generally unparalleled.

This peptide penetrates the skin and stimulates the production of TGF-β (Tissue Growth Factor Beta), which is a precursor to the production of collagen.  It stimulates the production of collagen in a healthy skin matrix as opposed to a scar tissue matrix.

Clinical studies for this patented peptide on human fibroblasts have shown an increase of collagen synthesis by 119% compared to the positive standard Tissue Growth Factor (TGF).

fibroblast is a type of cell that synthesizes the extracellular matrix and collagen,[1] the structural framework (stroma) for animal tissues, and plays a critical role in wound healing. Fibroblasts are the most common cells of connective tissue in animals.

This is great news, because as far as I know we do not make new fibroblast cells as we age and the integrity and efficiency of these cells only decrease over time.

Studies have also shown that, after 84 days of treatment twice a day with this peptide, wrinkles improved  by 350%. Wow!


Tamanu oil comes from a beautiful plant, as you can see, and has so many applications it’s like the Neem oil of the west. Its unusual penetrating power, which combined with the abilities to strengthen connective tissue, accelerate wound healing, retain moisture, and encourage formation of new skin tissue (cell regeneration) make this a powerful ingredient for anti-scarring as well as anti-aging. It is also a strong anti-inflammatory, a considerable antioxidant, and possesses significant antimicrobial properties as proven in antibacterial and antifungal tests.



Some of us may recognize this herb as a supplement to be taken internally, not an ingredient in topical skin products. Perhaps using it both ways will double its effect! A randomized double-blind study on the skin of female volunteers to investigate the effects of topically applied madecassoside (a key compound in Gotu Kola) on structural skin properties found that after six months of treatment, there were significant improvements in deep and superficial wrinkles, suppleness, firmness, roughness and skin hydration.



Effects of Celsus Bio-Intelligence Scar Cream as an Anti-Aging Cream:

*This is a list of effects the use of this cream had on the author after only two weeks of use. By no means is this a typical finding. Actually, this cream is so new they’re not sure what typical findings will look like in the anti-aging arena.

  • vertical wrinkles on upper lip diminished
  • lip appeared fuller
  • softer skin
  • hyper-pigmentation on neck diminished and more even-toned
  • hyper-pigmentation spot on face vanished
  • capillary damage from a puppy scratch vanished within two days
  • reduced puffiness all over face, especially around the eyes
  • fine lines around the eyes softened, diminished
  • face looked “lifted”, had an appearance of tightening
  • more even skin tone, less blotchy
  • reduced redness
  • face and neck appeared 5-10 years younger (no kidding!)

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