November 18, 2011

Left, Right, and The Center of Being


The statement is as follows:  “Left” and “right” are actually irrelevant and meaningless in the modern political context. What is relevant and meaningful in this day and age is the valiant attempt to rise above them.

The right claims freedom yet engages in mass violence.

The left claims peace yet engages in mass violence.

Violence, whether it be overt or covert military force or even more subtle forms such as rampant inflation and “regulations” are the hallmarks of both the left and right. The justifications are carefully crafted to ensure both agreement from their own flock and disgust from the other side. Dangerous and destructive policies that are the hallmark of our age. Talk of peace while we engage in open and secret war. The talk of reform while the solidification of power becomes even more centralized. The talk of transparency as the technocracy emerges into new dimensions of influence.

But, the most important thing to grasp in making a critique about the current manifestations of the left and right in our age is how much they detest individual creation. Free thinking is a highly dangerous proposition. And any real action is forbidden.

Both the left and the right abhor action. They prefer only “critical thinking” and “intelligent discussion.” They revel in discussing the problems of the day and how to solve them. Never real action. Only contemplation of the thousands of problems they face. And when corruption emerges instead of the individual taking responsibility and acting immediately as to bring about a remedy, they “appoint committees to make recommendations.” This is the standard behavior in this day and age.

The left and right paradigm forgets easily their principals and objectives with great ease. The population that loves the left and right follows the facebook revolutions and cries for freedom when dictators are removed on Tuesday. On Wednesday, an even worse dictator is put in power and the left and the right both claim victory and immediately forget about the new dictator. The story is over and starting a new revolution where human freedom can actually flourish would not be appropriate in this day and age.

It is particularly disturbing to see so many from the Yoga community gravitate towards one side of this fantasy and condemn the other. The ‘mindful’ candidate is praised because of a meaningless label he or she wears symbolized in a singular letter.  Of course it is ‘mindful’ to invade other countries where ‘evil’ dictators live that have done nothing to us. Yet, the left and the right specialize in the whimsical stories of the imminent danger we all face. Then there is a series of ‘policy meetings’ to take ‘limited action’ where as little responsibility as possible could conceivably be taken.

This is modus operandi of this day and age.

The left and right never speak in terms of an individual being. They speak only in vague generalities. They say “This will law will help the American people.”  “We need to put Americans back to work.” “We must protect the Homeland.”  To speak of a live being with actual feelings, purposes, and creative thought would be far too dangerous. The speak of “real benefits for all” as an undeniable fact that it seems to the listener must benefit everyone but themselves.

Who will it benefit?

The farmer in Montana?  The teacher in Ohio?  The doctor in Buffalo?

Individuals and the beauty of the human mind and its capacity for original thought are not well liked by the left and the right. Only the abstraction of “the general public” will do for them.

The existential crisis that is emerging in our world will never be remedied from the left or the right. Only from the center of being in each and every individual. The fundamental potential for real freedom that exists within every person. That which is beyond left and right and all pairs of opposites.

Let us see what will emerge.

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