December 27, 2011

A Yogi’s Intentions for the New Year.

  1. To go to the gym and lose weight…just kidding….
  2. To Love myself and treat myself with kindness and compassion
  3. To see myself and the world as Beautiful.
  4. To let go of my deeply held cherished beliefs that I think are True
  5. To let go of thinking I know how life should be, and to see Reality as it is.
  6. To stop beating myself and others up, internally or externally.
  7. To be kind to my kids, my parents, and my partner
  8. To walk more
  9. To be conscious in my consumerism
  10. To bike to work more often
  11. To meditate every day
  12. To go on as many retreats as I can
  13. To compassionately find greed, ignorance and aggression within and actively work to uproot it.
  14. To give up lying and cheating, especially the subtle forms, and to live beyond my habitual conditioned nature.
  15. To be willing to be generous, compassionate and loving to myself and all of life.
  16. To practice yoga 5 days a week
  17. To wake up, out of my own self created suffering and limitations and into something much Greater…..
  18. To see myself as Divine, as big as the sky and as deep as the ocean
  19. To live this realization in my life with my kids, my partner, my parents, my co workers, people on the other end of my anger, to those I don’t agree with, with my dog, with dogs that bark at me, to those that cut me off or almost run me over, with those that run me over.
  20. To give myself to this fully


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Read 4 comments and reply

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