December 24, 2011

Ayurvedic Sheets by Vastra: Review. ~ Natalie Johnson

Wellness clothing based on Ayurveda.

Vastra’s mission is to increase health and wellness through clothing and bedding made of medicinal plants and herbs from Ayurveda.
How it works:  “Vastra creates a micro-environment of medicinal herbs and sustains it around the skin as long as one is wearing it as apparel or using it as clothing or bedding, and just like the skin absorbs toxins that it comes in touch with , it also acts as a conduit for the beneficial effects of plants and herbs used in the dye*.”
I have been using Vastra’s Tusli bed sheets and I have enjoyed them immensely.

Tulsi, a plant used for treating cough, cold, headaches, stomach disorders and other illnesses, is the main ingredient to the beautiful olive green color of my sheets. No chemicals, synthetics or additives are used at any stage of the production of their manual dyeing process.

The sheets are 250 thread count, organic cotton. Vastra is truly organic end to end – clothing and sheets made with plants and herbs that are 100% organically grown and harvested sustainably from local protected forests.

The intended health and wellness benefits of my Tulsi sheets are antioxidant and adaptogenic qualities, stress-relief, immune-modulation, blood purification, sleeping enhancement, and relief from rheumatic pains. I have been sleeping wonderfully, but look forward to experience the sheets’ lasting health benefits.

The natural olive green color gives off a pleasant sheen that is extremely inviting. I love climbing into the fresh and cool feeling of the sheets against my body and sleeping comfortably through the night.
I believe a pair of good sheets is a wise investment for everyone and Vastra is a noble company to support. From their inspiring story of organic, sustainable, thoughtful beginnings to the quality hand crafted clothes and sheets they produce, I am happy to tell their story. You can read more about Vastra at vastra.us . Here’s a cool video to check out:

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Read 2 comments and reply

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