December 5, 2011

Children & Musical Activities: What are the Benefits? ~ Mike


For many people music is like a religion; they love and worship it. Music is a part of many cultures, which makes it more valuable to learn.

In India, Hindus pray to their gods singing and playing a type of melody. In their culture, music is a gift and children are taught some melodies in their childhood.

Some of the main benefits of music for children are given below:

Altering of Mood/Mental Health:

Psychologically music helps sooth the mind. Having a fresh, clean and healthy brain keeps your kid upbeat during all the activities he/she performs. The mental health of a child is very important for their growth. Music not only makes you active, but it also calms your nature, if the right music is played. For example, if your kids listen to flute or violin, they will become calm and peaceful. On the other hand, those kids who listen to techno or rock music might be more aggressive and wild. So you see now how music influences your child’s personality and mood.

Brain Development Activity:

Singing increases the cognitive skills in children. The verbal part, along with melodies, rhymes and lines help children with speech development. Research has shown that music has a positive impact on the brain, not only does it calm the mind, but it also sharpens its ability to learn.

Helps in Learning:

As the previous paragraph stated, the child’s cognitive skills are improved. Along with the cognitive skills, the ability to memorize something also increases. You must have noticed this with yourself (if you were a music lover) that when you listened to a song a couple of times, you started singing along. It is a fact that kids memorize songs more easily than their lesson, but none the less, it helps them sharpen their minds. It creates an urgency of learning, the more you are interested in something the quicker you will learn. The same is the case with children, music helps them increase their ability to retain and store information quickly. Due to this reason, many teachers use music and rhymes to help children memorize alphabets, fruits and animal names.

Increase Creative abilities:

Along with music come lyrics. Lyrics to music is like air to lungs, without lyrics the music would not work. Writing lyrics require a person to be creative and there is no better time to develop creativity than during childhood. A child who loves music will be far more creative than the one who doesn’t. When a child listens to several songs, he/she starts putting in sentences together and after some time, they are able to write lines and dialogues which usually amaze people.

Music is an exercise too. It makes you dance, shake and jump along with humming and lip singing. Music also helps you concentrate; if you are or want to be a good dancer, you need to have excellent concentration.




Mike is a father 2 with the difficult task of entertaining his children and making sure they receive a great education. When he is not looking for new ideas, Mike distributes children’s toys and especially pillow pets.

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