December 9, 2011

Eco-Beauty Review: The Perfect Winter Skin Cure For Elephants. ~ Jen Murphy


The perfect winter skin cure if you love elephants but don’t want to be one

During these dry winter months (yes, even if you live in a humid climate with lots of snow your skin is drier than in other months) we need all the help we can get if we don’t want to develop elephant skin. Sometimes that jar of coconut oil from Whole Foods just won’t cut it to keep your skin supple. So when you need to call in the special skin forces, or you just want to feel special, it’s Moksa Organics to the rescue. A winter skin cure that you won’t want to give up come spring. And while you’re preventing becoming an elephant you are also helping to prevent elephants from becoming extinct.

Have your cake and eat it too (but not the soap)

At the end of the day, we want to have our cake and eat it too. We want only the products that work best. We want them to be organic. We want each and every ingredient to have integrity. And we want to feel good buying it. It’s a difficult standard to hold, but this is we want as conscious consumers, and nothing less will do. Fortunately for us ,that’s what Moksa Organics wants too. Their Kilimanjaro line of body products gives us all those things.




Raising the bar

The first order of business in keeping your skin healthy and moist is to cleanse without stripping it bare. This man sized Body Bar is made from only the finest blend of organic oils and does just that. Plus, it works up quite a lather.  Add cocoa powder, orange peel, rosemary leaf extract, and vanilla for one of the most tempting and scrumptious scents this time of year!

Butter yourself up

The second order of business is keeping the moisture in your skin. Moksa’s Kilimanjaro Body Butter is a rich, whipped treat for the skin that is quite balanced for all climes as well as skin types. Not overly moisturizing, it definitely does the trick. Adjust your usage for your climate; add more for drier air . And you’ll smell too good to eat for hours!


Love the elephants

Moksha Organics created their Kilimanjaro product line especially to support the  IFAW‘s Animal Action Campaign for the endangered African Elephant. Every purchase secures a designated dollar amount for this fund.





 A great gift for elephant lovers

This Holiday season consider giving gifts that make a difference in the world. Put your money where your heart is.

{photos compliments of Moksa Organics}


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