December 20, 2011

EO Hand Sanitizer Review. ~ Natalie Johnson

EO uses fragrant essential oils to clean and moisturize your skin through the cold season.

The first thing I noticed about EO germ-fighting hand sanitizers was the pleasant aroma of essential oils like lavender and peppermint.

When I’ve used hand sanitizers in the past, I squirt a dab in my hands and quickly rub them together as far away from my face as possible to avoid the overwhelming smell of alcohol. Although the orange scent is a little strong, I love the lavender, lemon and peppermint scents of EO.

I really like the sanitizer spray bottle better than the gel because it is not too sticky, it evaporates quickly and gives a fresh smell for everyone around. The spray comes in two travel sizes – I like the smallest bottle that is about the size of lip gloss. It would be perfect if there was a refill, like EO’s soap, because the small bottle is so handy, but would be be a lot of waste if I used it all the time. I don’t much care for the individually wrapped wipes for the same reason. However, my local grocery offers EO sanitizing wipes, which come in bulk, at the door and it is very handy for a lot of people.

EO does use 100% recycled material, properly Post Consumer Resin or PCR, for their plastic and paperboard packaging and strives to be as eco-friendly as possible.

I appreciate that EO is a family owned and operated company and a certified organic manufacturer. Their mission is to avoid harmful chemicals, like parabens and synthetic frangrences that are used in most hand sanitizers, and produce body care products that are kind to us and the earth. The sanitizers still contain alcohol and other ingredients that are 99.9% effective for fighting germs and bacteria on your skin. I also love that the essential oils moisturize you hands while cleaning them.

I have enjoyed having a fresh, organic, eco-friendly cleaning product with me at all times. I have used it a lot as I was traveling, camping and running around this past week, but unable to wash my hands.  After using and researching EO hand sanitizers and their competitors, I will never use Purrell or the like again.

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