December 13, 2011

Great Art & Well-Practiced Yoga.

Great art like well-practiced yoga is a timeless moment. All artists worth their salt speak of getting lost in the music or experiencing a sense of timelessness when they have found their creative flow. Having been involved in both worlds for a number of years now I can attest to the similarities between the two practices and I think they can certainly make for great bedfellows in terms of creating the space for the kind of inspiration that only comes through this timeless space where you are able to tap something almost otherworldly within yourself.

Roi James Is definitely one of those creatives who is about flow. During the filming of this documentary series Roi and I spent countless hours discussing what it meant to be “in flow” and how it related to a spiritual life in general. We both agreed that it required a certain amount of discipline to access in either practice, art or yoga. One must have the will to intentionally create the space whereby all the distractions of our worldly existence cease to exist in our minds and we endeavor to become single-minded. Of course this is basically what Patanjali is discussing when he talks about turning the chaotic movement of the thought waves (or vritti) of the mind into a single focused wave. This is the beginning of inspiration.

The next phase would be to consciously cease all thought for a time. And it is in this gap or space between the thought waves that we can discover our own innate bit of creative genius.This kind of inspiration goes far beyond the usual creative process of taking influence from the known world and simply mixing it all up to create something fresh. It can actually result in coming up with something no one has ever seen before. And to me this equates to achieving a truly timeless space during your regular practice of yoga and meditation. It’s rare but through practice and patience it’s possible and the rewards are well worth the effort applied.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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