December 11, 2011

How to Make a Video Aspiration in 108 Easy Takes.

I am in love with the 100,000 Aspirations project!

So many people are putting complaints and demands out into the world, I was excited to see a group focusing on positive intentions.  As wonderful as it is to write them down, I think the videos give a personal voice to the aspirations.

It seems so effortless when you see the other videos. Waylon made a video aspiration a few weeks ago. Jessica Durivage, Diane Ferraro, and Jennifer Cusano  of Where Is My Guru made videos, and started asking when I was going to make one.

So I thought to myself, “This is great! It will take me a few minutes, and then I’ll see which other elephant writers have made them, or want to, and make a super-fun post about it!”

I hope that this encourages other elephant readers and writers to do their own aspirations. If you decide to go the video route, I learned a few good rules to making a video aspiration…the hard way.

Rule #1: Familiarize yourself with iMovie before you try to make the video.

Rule #2: Think through what you are going to say ahead of time.

Rule #3: Seriously. Think it through. Maybe even jot it down.

Rule #4: Have a nice drink of water and clear your throat before you get started. (Also, skip the headband.)

Rule #5: Don’t be afraid to get a little silly if you are having trouble with rules 1 – 4.

I’m never afraid to look ridiculous if it will make even one person laugh. Even if I am that one person. I have been known to trip and fall on purpose or burst into song to lighten a tense situation.

Rule #6: Keep it simple, sweetheart.

In the end, simplicity won out. To what do you aspire? World peace? Compassion towards your neighbors? Paying your bills on time? Making it through a 30 second video without laughing?

Whatever your aspiration, take a few minutes and share it over at 100,000 Aspirations.






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Read 9 comments and reply

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