December 5, 2011

Lara Fabian: A Voice With Feelings. ~ Elena Shlychkov, M.Ed.

Perhaps the song “Je Suis Malade,” by Belgian singer Lara Fabian is not optimistic, but I found it very powerful and meditative.

I understand that meditation teaches about how we can detach from all the “destruction” of the world so that we can develop self-awareness. But I always had questions about this.

I wondered how we can detach if sometimes we are not fully aware of our motivations and newly born feelings? Should we first investigate the motive, understand our own emotions better, and uncover the truth within ourselves, so that our “self-awareness” will not turn into some heartless stereotyping, judgmental preaching, or malicious gossip here and there?

I am listening to this song over and over again feeling gratitude for this incredible singer for her courage in sharing her beautiful voice and heart, her “vicious” anger, her sadness, and her “stupidity” for having the talent to love and feel.




Elena Shlychkov has a master’s degree in education and she loves to teach her students how to read, write and behave. As a certified yoga instructor, Elena is an advocate for juvenile health, wellness and non-violence. Her educational model consists of sufficient physical health, mental health and emotional health in school-age students of New York City. In her spare time Elena practices yoga and meditation, reading and writing articles on various topics, sewing, skiing in Colorado, running or playing tennis with her family and friends in the Central Park. As a fresh juice and quality food addict she loves to try out a new recipe and browse through the fresh food and ethnic markets. Her mission is to promote, teach and encourage the practice of good health. She believes that, through mindful education, balanced nutrition and daily exercise many issues can be remedied. Elena resides in Manhattan.




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