December 7, 2011

New Perspectives Should Include Intuitions of ‘Earth Whisperers.’ ~ Anthony Zolezzi


Recently I wrote a blog on the great perspectives of big thinkers like Bill McDonough and Tony Michaels. But today, I want to talk about the kinds of perspectives we can gain from those individuals with a special gift for conveying and receiving emotional signals that so often go unacknowledged.

I’m talking about the ones I call “Earth Whisperers.” These people deserve far more recognition and appreciation than we give them for their value to our planet and its preservation.


My brother John, for example, is the ultimate environmentalist, but he would never use that term to describe himself – in fact, words are not his strong point. But he has a psychic ability to communicate with animals. He can merely look at them — even skunks — and they’re drawn to him. He seems able to connect to the earth, and perhaps even to the cellular vibrations of other living creatures in a manner that I am at a loss to explain.

Earth Whisperers simply seem to be endowed with an intuitive identification and understanding that transcends the capabilities of both intellectuals and business people alike.

These are not the sort of individuals who give a fig for such superficial concerns as business models, financial or political calculations, or where the global economy is headed. Rather, they’re tuned in to much deeper realities.

Nick Bramhall

One of the things that has spurred me to talk about Earth Whisperers is because I just had a meeting with another person who seemed to fit the description – a ‘mad scientist’ type who hoped to use his unorthodox instincts and insights to benefit society, and needed someone to help in that effort.

Unfortunately, he may have a hard time bringing that about because in today’s world, someone possessing such a sixth sense is not afforded the same respect as the calculating venture capitalist or chief financial officer.

After that meeting, it struck me how Earth Whisperers among us are really the ones that we eco-minded business people should be embracing, protecting and funding. Maybe if we all made an attempt to better appreciate such individuals and the intuitions they have to teach us, our society might start to realize the significance of a world that exists beyond dollars, but not beyond sense.


 As an entrepreneur who specializes in the creation of sustainable, eco-friendly companies and products. Anthony Zolezzi has helped Fortune 100 companies, the British Royal Family and small businesses meet the demands of our environmentally aware society. His work has resulted in the creation of more than 25 earth-friendly companies and products including The Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., The New Organics Company and the Greenopolis recycling system.

Some of his recent achievements include an agreement between the United Egg Producers and the Humane Society of the United States establishing new humane standards for laying hens; development of the Greenopolis recycling system; and most currently, the merger of Greenopolis with recycling-rewards leader Recyclebank. Other industry clients include Nestlé, Bumble Bee Seafood, Horizon Organic Dairy, Wild Oats Markets, Viacom and Paramount Pictures.

Zolezzi is the author of Uncharted Waters and has co-authored five other books, including Chemical-Free Kids. He is well versed in media exposure, with interviews by national media including Time, Newsweek, Fox News and CNN. Visit his website here.

Zolezzi’s home base is in Southern California, but he can typically be found traveling the globe in search of logical, doable solutions for environmental, humane and organic issues.





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