December 15, 2011

Part I: The Secrets Within Yoga. ~ Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Aadi Nandhi

The gift of grace is having a daily disciple to attain higher consciousness, health, abundance and love called “Yogam” in Tamil.

Yoga naturally yields all attributes of yogam. These are precious moments for humanity as higher consciousness is now a reality that is of these moments. Yoga as in the Western sense does spearhead this awakening even if it is considered a simple exercise for health benefits and fashion instead of a spiritual discipline – as the taste of a drop of honey will eventually lead to the honey pot of higher consciousness.

The Siddhar wisdom is potent when applied to the yoga practice as the body is an effective tool to work the mind towards the inner core of realization. By yoga we refer to ‘hatha’ yoga as practiced in the West – the physical postures and the inner journey through this form of yoga as a sequence of postures. We recommend utilizing the traditional Sun Salutation sequence to experience the teachings below. Ideally, the Sun Salutation by itself is sufficient to attain the core consciousness, the objective of our yogic practice. Nandhi wishes to offer insights of Kalangi Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of the Sages.

1. Yoga is a Journey through Breath & Consciousness. “Ha” and “Tha” of ‘hatha yoga’ means the entwining of Sun and Moon energies of our breath. Hatha yoga is in reality the journey of consciousness through breath. The right breath is the Sun and the left breath is the Moon. The Sages call these two breath streams the inner rivers through which we ride through awareness. By being aware of our breath as in its Sun and Moon energy, we are able to utilize the natural currents within breath through our yoga. To swim along with the predominant breath and to stimulate the Sun breath and the Moon breath equally enables us to swim along with the inner currents of the mind and consciousness. To know breath and the Source of breath is to know life, death and the immortal Spirit. Harnessing breath, we awaken to the wisdom of being Spirit.

2. Awakening Energies of Gratitude: Our consciousness begins from each cell that owes its existence to our parents – Father and Mother. This initial step of awakening body consciousness is by acknowledging of our Father and Mother in gratitude. Through the first round of Sun Salutation, utilize the asana sequence of the left to visualize and express gratitude to your Mother – the moon breath. Likewise, utilize the sequence of the right to visualize and express gratitude to your Father – the sun breath. By acknowledging our Father and Mother (as in thought, dedication and gratitude) who are the seeds of our own creation as the body we possess, we shift our body consciousness field of energy. When we are thankful and grateful to our parent’s unconditional love from the moment of our birth, we are able to vitalize every cell of our body to that of wellbeing. When the first layer – that of body consciousness is woken up, our inner journey has begins with the gratitude as intent. Gratitude and coming to terms with body consciousness paves way to “Now” from where of yoga practice begins blessed.

3. Activate the Root Chakra & Invoke Lord Ganesh’s Blessings: Lord Ganesh, the essence of the root chakra, is invoked in the beginning of all endeavors to enable success. The success of the inner journey, Kundalini awakening and higher consciousness relates to the strength and power of the root chakra. The Root Chakra activated through yoga holds key to wellbeing of the body in physical realities and in the spiritual essence, a strong foundation of harmony for awakening Mother Kundalini. The root chakra (the muladhara) needs be activated through the bandha (the inner lock, called the mulabandha), visualization and mantra. The muladhara is where the Inner Lamp is. To light this inner lamp through our daily yoga not only awakens the Kundalini energy but also takes us through our inner journey safely, as blessings of Ganesh. In practice, the mulabandha that awakens the root chakra fires is easily activated through the Sun Salutation process.

4. Invoke Our Guru’s Through Yoga. When we understand breath as a tool to consciousness, we realize the space beyond breath as infinite wisdom, the Guru. In yoga, as we journey through consciousness and states beyond the mind, the awareness beyond the mind is the Guru that continues to guide us. Each thought carries energy and thoughts of our Guru as in physical or spiritual form does carry expanded energy of wisdom. When we invoke Christ or Babaji or our personal Guru’s to guide us through our yogic journey, we are guided through a higher wisdom connection that is fulfilling, nourishing as the next level of consciousness. The Guru Consciousness is from the awareness of the chakra above the navel called by the yogis, the Guru Chakra (not described in any text books or intellectual teachings of yoga). Tapping into this energy field just above the navel, we possess vast unlimited energy even as we awaken to primal wisdom of higher consciousness. Yogis activate this energy field above the navel, the Guru Chakra to climb above consciousness that gives the freedom to be beyond hunger, heat/cold and sleep/tiredness. When we realize that the Guru is Kundalini and the Kundalini is a state of consciousness, we are the Guru.

5. Yoga With Mantra Is Effective: The mind and thoughts are vibrations. Mantras are vibration inducing resonance that shifts and transforms the mind in its frequency to generate thoughts that are more aligned to the energy within the mantra – through breath. When we recite mantras through our yogic sequences, our breath entwines with the mantra to unravel the higher energies of consciousness within the mantra. Each chakra is an energy center in within ourselves that blesses our reality in its blossoming through the mantras, breath and our awareness- allowing us to kindle and ride Mother Kundalini. Awakening our inner fire, the Kundalini, we utilize our daily yoga to transform ourselves. Riding on Kundalini as a state of consciousness while going through the sequences of yoga, we evolve from human to angelic. When we do yoga simply as a physical exercise without awareness of the sacredness of breath, we are more likely to injure our body and not receive the amazing and beautiful benefits of real yoga.

6. The Special Universal Cave- Third Eye: All rituals and disciplines finally lead to the supreme state of being still – the attainment of vibrant stillness of meditation. This vibrant stillness within is in finding our center. Doing yoga, we awaken the inner fires of the Kundalini that we experience as surging joy and bliss that leads to vibrant stillness. This surge of bliss initially is like a nuclear explosion rushing above the crown chakra.  A yogi directs the explosive energies of the crown chakra towards the Third Eye to harmonize this inner fire with focus. This Third Eye focus takes us to the seat of the Universe – the magical space that is the meeting point of Source and our human. Awakening the vast energies within ourselves through breath, asana and the mantra grace, we climb above to the seat of consciousness, the Third Eye. The Third Eye is the experience of conscious-samadhi, the state of awareness while being absorbed in meditative oneness. In bringing all the focus through the Third Eye, we deploy the Kundalini energies of bliss, the wisdom and supernormal strength in our physical realities as in its grand manifestations. The objective of yoga is the attainment of being the Spirit having the human experience or in practical terms, to be able to bring Source energy into the physical realities.

Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Aadi Nandhi: Through years spent in the caves and wilderness as a saddhu under the guidance of enlightened gurus, Nandhi was at first woken up to his childhood dream, a vision that he unfolds as the Ariven Community– global sanctuaries for retired animals. Supporting the Vision is an enlightening marketplace offering products that are recommended by the yogis of India. Nandhi imparts his wisdom and the inner teachings through yoga, through music and by initiation. For more information, visit his yoga website.

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