December 16, 2011

Pay It Forward – 5 Ideas For Using Social Media To Help Others.

When it comes to Social Media and Yoga, I am easily excited.

Why? Because I love Yoga and I love Communications and Technology (think social media).

If you have read any of my posts on social media, then you know I want you to build out your network of friends and connections and share yoga frequently with more engaging content. If you still aren’t motivated, think about the social good you can do by having a broad and engaged community that you share information with about social causes that you care about. One of the organizations I discovered in 2011 is The Africa Yoga Project and Paige Elenson. I am going to use this article to share a few ways you can help an organization like AYP.

5 Easy and Great Ideas To Help Your Favorite Organizations Using Social Media

  1. Write a Recommendation for the organization on their Facebook Page and SHARE it. If the organization is not a place and does not have this feature enabled, simply Share a status update from the organization on Facebook. AYP is not a Place yet as it is an organization based in Kenya (as of today you still have to have an address in the U.S. to be a Facebook Place), sharing a status update is the easiest way to promote the AYP Facebook Page.
  2. ReTweet a Tweet from the organization, or simply Tweet a link to a good page on their website or their Facebook page. Think of this as donating a status update. Really want to help them? Re-Tweet them more often!!!
  3. Post a Status Update on LinkedIn promoting the organization to your business network. Better yet, start a discussion in one of the 5 or 10 yoga Groups you are in on LinkedIn with a link to the organization.
  4. Share a video promoting the organization. How? Tweet a link, Post it to your Facebook status, Share it in a Group on LinkedIn, Like the video on YouTube and Comment on the Video (your engagement helps promote the video on YouTube). This is a Link to the Africa Yoga Project video we made with the help of Be Present, sharing it is an easy way to help AYP.
  5. Blog about the organization. Share your story, tell people why you care and make it easy for them to “get the organization.” When you do this you are creating content that is easy to Share using the techniques above. This is the media part. Create Media, then get other people to Share It. You can start by sharing this post on Facebook!
So much of social media is self promotion (you will find at least one link to me in this post as well as a bio at the bottom that references my company which made the AYP video), it is easy to tune out. Live in this moment now, use social media to share the energy you create on your mat with the world. When you make your Status Update about an organization you care about, you are starting a small wave that can change one of your friend’s life or even the life of someone the organization helps.

Meet my friend Paige Elenson. She runs the Africa Yoga Project, and would love for you to Share her Page on Facebook.

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Read 9 comments and reply

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