December 23, 2011

Ron Paul is no Racist. {video}

I personally will not vote for Ron Paul, but god I respect him. ~ ed.

And all these attacks about his racist newsletters mean one thing: he’s finally being perceived as a threat to the GOP status quo after weeks of ranking first or second in Iowa polling.

The below video gets to the point right away. For me, it gets fully convincing (he says why he’s no racist according to Libertarian values, and you know he believes in those!) at 2:50:


via Reddit: “Ron Paul wants to free 100’s of 1,000’s of nonviolent imprisoned minorities. If Ron Paul is a racist like the major media wants you to believe, he’s pretty bad at it. MLK & Rosa Parks are his heros because they practiced the libertarian principle of nonviolent civil disobedience.”

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Read 15 comments and reply

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