December 23, 2011

The Real Body Project: Stepping Up.

I’ve been soliciting your photos left and rightBellies, bellies, everywhere. A project, a campaign, a movement brewing.  Still in the seed stages and planted with love and light, but where in this mix of excitement is my belly? In spearheading this project I need to step forward and show my truth, my softness and my vulnerability.

I’ve spent several days putting this off. My belly just didn’t feel right. Anxiety, a stomach ache, happiness, any emotion basically rendered my belly unsuitable for photos. I knew that once I figured out the self-timer on my camera and clicked away I would have to face the pictures. I know I would start to pick myself apart and no matter the feeling that was present when the picture was taken I was sure it would dissipate as soon as I looked. Maybe it wouldn’t be body shape or size; maybe I wouldn’t like my skin tone, my moles, or maybe I would be able to see some hair on my skin. In addition to being fat-less we are supposed to be hairless humans right?  Never-mind that we indeed are mammals.

I took my belly pictures two days ago. As anticipated all the above happened when I looked. I stared and I judged myself, something I don’t do with any of the pictures that I am receiving. I look at all those and see their beauty and their uniqueness. If I am really am going to put this part of myself out there then it needs to look perfect, right?

My Photoshop application beckoned to me. I thought of all the functions I could use to change my reality or maybe I could just take these pictures another day.  The lighting wasn’t right, maybe I would look better after yoga or a workout.

No.  I can’t.

Reality is what I’m after and reality is what I present.  Take it or leave it.

Paste. Grimace.

Post.  Done.


This is after all yoga right?

Will you join me in The Real Body Project?  Send me your reality and your story.  In addition I’m also in search of a web designer.  Please contact me as well if this is something you want to be passionate about and a big part of.  Send all photos and the like to hannah.siegle[at]gmail.com

Photo Credits: myths-made-real.blogspot.com  ,Hannah Siegle

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Read 11 comments and reply

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