December 2, 2011

Transformation: the successful way to cope with change.

Love, business, family, health, performance, friendship, sports, competition, politics, investments, spirituality, school,  you name it… regardless of the field, we all want to feel successful.

I guess a fair place to start in common ground this conversation would be to define what success is. By now, makes sense to say that everyone measures success from their own personal expectations and conditions. Therefore to make it universal, let’s just define success with the simple universal feeling that success brings to the heart: Satisfaction.

Satisfaction is defined as the fulfillment or gratification of a desire and the feeling of pleasure that comes from that gratification. Then, when we want to be successful to know our desire first is a must, but knowing the source of that desire, the why of our desire, is essential.  See, when it comes to matters of success, the highest values always win, even when sometimes it seems to the contrary and time is needed to see the final development of a story, the highest values always win. They always win because is the law of Nature. Universal law of Nature. Light always overcomes darkness. It is more likely to succeed if your desire is aligned with the laws of nature. You are more likely to succeed if what motivates your desire is a positive outcome for all, with no harm in the process.

I am sure there are those who would disagree and list several examples that would seem to prove this statement as mistaken. I mean, after all, war, division, hatred, agression, corruption and violence seems to be pretty successful if you are watching the  world news; to this, without being naive, I would whole-hearted say that there are more positive successful stories in our everyday lives than we recognize sometimes, if only we brought our mind back home and look into each others eyes more often, and also we can’t possible surrender success to the wrong causes due to our lack of patience and our self-created ADD.  Sometimes it takes time, and considering the planet has been here for centuries…sometimes a lifetime is not enough to declare failure before some challenges to succeed.

Bla, bla, bla, I know you know what I am saying.

Love, business, family, health, performance, friendship, sports, competition, politics, investments, spirituality, school,  you name it… regardless of the field, we all want to feel successful. We all enjoy that feeling of satisfaction that comes with the gratification of our desire. How to manifest that desire becomes easier if we identify the motivation of our desire, Why do we want what we want? What do we want to see happening as a result of its manifestation? Once this is done, the desire itself either vanishes after understanding the absurd of our motivation, or it becomes clear that we want it to come true.

True…Truth…such a powerful element of life. Truth is relative, but eternal. If your desire to be successful has truth in it, it is bound to succeed.  Then the only thing we must remember is the Universal Law of Nature: CHANGE. Things are always changing. If you want to be successful, a must is to remember that things are always changing. The environment changes, your conditions change, your goal may change, You change, eventually so your desire. If I want to be successful, I must transform through all that change.

Transformation… the natural state of all things in the Universe. Things are never the same twice, we might end up in familiar places, familiar relationships, familiar jobs, familiar quarrels, familiar competitions, but they are never the same. Have the courage to yield to your own transformation. Do not be afraid of change, succeed it. Honor change, let change transform your desires, so you are always successful.

We tend to idealize the good moments in our past and wish them to become again our future, in relationships, in politics, in family, in business, in friendship, etc… we crave and we reject our desires failing to see our present power of manifestation, the power of now, we are always changing. Release things for what they were or what they could be and see things for what they are, then transform… truthfully.

You are bound to succeed.

For a better family, for a better country, for a better world.  Before change, transform and do no harm.



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Read 7 comments and reply

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