December 8, 2011

YouTube – Share Yoga Share Love!

YouTube is leading a revolution in the yoga world. Why? Because you can own your own “television” channel and you are in charge of the programming! We can see amazing yoga teachers practicing yoga on our iPads and iPhones, computers and even televisions, whenever we want. Below are some tips to help you share more yoga with more people!

5 Tips for YouTube

  1. Yoga Videos – As much as we love sharing yoga photos, yoga videos rock!!! Why, because we can see the transitions, the flow and the strength – not just the peak pose. Are all yoga videos created equal? No, creative quality content will rule! Do NOT make bad late night television commercials, make engaging videos that share what you love. You don’t have to sell yoga, it sells itself.
  2. Go Big – Video quality is evolving quickly. The current standard is 1080P, all of your videos should be shot in 1080P (or better – hello Red Camera?). You should upload the highest quality video you can to YouTube, they will transcode the video to appropriate sizes so people can see it anywhere in the world.
  3. Optimize for Search – YouTube is owned and operated by Google, translate – the search functionality truly works. When you add your video (or edit after reading this), start with a great title, fill in a detailed description that uses your keywords, add keywords. This is a simple and very important process!
  4. Thumbnail – When you load up a video, you can set the thumbnail – this is what people will see when you share the video and when it loads up in the player. Make sure you have intentionally picked a thumbnail that will make people want to click on the video! You can change the Thumbnail by Editing the Video Info in the Video Manager.
  5. Share – You have to SHARE your videos. Share them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and on your Blog!!! Ask your friends, relatives, students, teachers to SHARE the video. Making the video is 1/10th of the work, the other 9/10ths is promoting the video. If you have a big budget, think about making the video a “promoted” video on YouTube.

Yoga has changed all of our lives, each time you share it you create the opportunity to change someone else’s life. Whether you are creating educational videos or purely creative videos – use the tips above to make sure the most people have the opportunity to see your videos. A properly optimized video on YouTube will get 20% more views from people searching on YouTube and finding your content. Remember, content that is being Shared via social sites will be weighted more for search, you want your videos to be SHARED!!! YouTube is an amazing resource to you as a yoga teacher and as a studio, what type of videos are you going to share?

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Read 4 comments and reply

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