January 1, 2012

Wandering Yoginis~Wander 2 by Meghan Currie

So here we are and this is the place to be, New Years day, stuck to an Indian toilet with no blue sky visible in the near distance but wherever you are is the place to be…

Our vision and expectations of how this epic trip through India on motorcycles in search of yoga, was just slightly different than what the universe had planned for us. We planned on filming, editing and posting movies weekly and keep it flowing but all that seems to be flowing is the stuff that  happens from eating ice cubes in India. One plus one equals two, but not all the time you think somehow, so you eat an ice cube here and there and generally in the more touristy areas throughout India you are safe to gorge on ice. But then you may get a little over confident and order extra cubes in your lassie from a little beach cafe…and pay your dues, your service to the Indian toilet gods and in your head your thinking, I thought this wouldn’t happen to me and you remember the voices of the thousands who kindly warned “everyone gets sick in India” and you scorn mildly…but your grateful that at least you are not the only and also you are getting a generous flash cleanse of sorts and its basically free, no pills, colonics, special diets. . .

I love the difficulties of any adventure because these are the real tellings. We all love a dirty bathroom tale. But really, I learn the deepest and hardest rules of life by forking up. There has been more than a few times here in India I have asked myself what the fridge am I doing. But I remember, eventually, that there was a deep line, like the kind you reel in a really big fish with I suppose, that dragged me by the heart out here to create something I can see very clearly in my minds eye but have only half a clue how to create. Will it succeed? That is the question we all ask when receiving a vision or embarking on a heart adventure that can either catapult us great distance or flash freeze us from completing anything at all. I think it’s good to let your fear send you flying and to trust that your heart compass has got your ass and will lead you exactly where you need to go to overcome whatever you must overcome to support your highest evolution for this grand mad reality.

This is an experiment. The video project for sure, but also this life and the intentions that sprout, grow, blossom, give fruit and die. Unless you are a master in the knowings of gardening, you may not understand what is going to sprout out of most seeds you glance at. You can google it, look it up in a book, ask your italian neighbour or you can stick it in the ground, nurture it, and wait. You then still may not know the name when it births, but it will always be a thing of outstanding beauty because its life. Life made that. Wow. The things we make with our thoughts and visions are the same. Beautiful. You are Life creating beauty, even if it’s ugly, it’s still intrinsically beautiful because it’s Life.

So here is the third video we have shot and edited on the road here in India on this adventure spraying seeds not really knowing what they are and watching the experiment blossom.

Happy New Year! Alyx and I will be thinking of you, Indian toilet side, pondering the workings of toilet paper vs a tap and a bucket and sending so much love and courage to take giant leaps perhaps only to fall and learn something exquisite.




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Read 5 comments and reply

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