February 21, 2012

Women in Combat: Whose Choice Should it Be?

Oh Fox News, you’ve done it again!

Last week I posted a video which featured Fox News’ Liz Trotta made some seriously out of line remarks regarding women in the military being raped.

After she rolls out her credential list, in what I think to be an effort to prove credibility, and dances around completely off subject for a minute or two, she finally gets to addressing the incendiary comments she made, stating she feels they were misunderstood.

This whole argument started over the Pentagon being pushed by “hardline feminists” to lift the ban that prevents women from participating in combat, which she is clearly against.

Apparently she thinks the issue has nothing at all to do with a woman’s right to choose or to control their bodies.

Trotta said:

“The military is not a social services operation or a testing ground for gender wars. It is a fighting machine. Yet male troops are now encumbered with the realities of feminist biology. Women are not as strong as men.”

For me, she just dug herself a deeper hole. It’s scary that there are people who think these ways. If a woman wants to fight for her country then it is her choice. Of course there are differences between genders but the last thing a woman, or a man for that matter, should have to worry about while serving and protecting our country is her safety pertaining to fellow soldiers.

Call it what you want, but all this woman did was make well-worded excuses for the sexual crimes taking place in the military.

This is total madness and certainly not forward thinking media.


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