March 1, 2012

Facebook, Stardust & Thoughts on Telepathy.

Epicenters of Influence Rippling Out Everywhere…

As I was posting on Facebook the other day I got hit with a spark of revelation:

With all this blogging, posting, commenting, sharing, tweeting, messaging, emailing and otherwise singing to each other, we, the people of Earth are coming together. And at the same time we are expanding out individually, spiralling around each other like stars in a galaxy.

Never before have human beings communicated and collaborated together on the planet in such a way–except when we knew how to communicate telepathically, of course—and I think my boyfriend had it right when he said this is a stage towards telepathy.

Okay, look at it this way:

Every person is like an epicenter that ripples out thoughts, actions, and energies. Imagine yourself a star sending out stardust every time you think something. Like that.

Everything makes an imprint in the Akashic field. Thoughts and sound have mass and physical influence, as well as enormous energetic potential.

We’re all interconnected in so many ways now. And that makes me really hopeful because I think so many of us are healing in incredible ways. The shifting taking place is within us.

Maybe we don’t need massive earth changes to clear so much negative energy because we’re doing so much of it ourselves, as a collective human experience. These are the things I think about.

“Clear boundaries, no limits.”

This quote by Douglas Brooks keeps coming up for me. Ginger Coy brought it up in our discussion on my Yoga Radio show last week as well. And at the moment I’m linking it to this thought:

Realize you are limitless. Every moment know the interconnection. And yet know who you are as an individual expression of infinite creativity.

I can’t find it in my notes (and Douglas, please correct me if I’ve mixed it up), but many years ago, I had a deep opening when I finally understood this idea Douglas explained in a training on the Pratyabhijna Hridayam . . .

It went something like this:

You being you is the point of the universe. And your delight is the nectar of Divine intoxication.

I’m sure the word nectar was in there somewhere. Great word.

Anyway, when this realization hit me—that the whole point of living was to be completely who I am and, that in itself, is the delight of the universe—something broke inside of me. Or maybe it broke open, because it had been too closed off for a very long time.

It was such a good breaking. Part of the castle walls around my heart fell down.

Since that breaking point, and travelling through many others, I have become so much more who I want to be. I have shifted so many layers of mortar and scarred memories that were caging my heart.

I have realized that in this heart is the limitless light of a star, just as each person is a star-being in their own right.

All this blogging and posting with friends and greater community connects us, intellectually and energetically, to other people who are also surfing the waves in the ocean of alchemy.

This brings us back to the idea telepathy.

What if telepathy is just that: clear boundaries without limits, and a channel to both express your own true star self, and recognize the true light of others?

Each time I have opened more to an experienced understanding of myself as a child of the Universe, playing on the Earth and interconnected with all that is, I become more clear in my own heart and mind. When you get closer to whatever you know in your own heart as true, do you find that clarity too?

When you look at the structure of the mainstream media it is obviously flawed in a plethora of ways. It lacks clarity, and instead serves as a smokescreen and force of confusion. Focusing the content on fear, corporate control, propaganda and otherwise totally lame stuff is the name of the game.

It’s up to us to communicate and find clarity collectively. It’s up to us to read and watch things that are contributing to a collective shifting and healing of this time on our planet. It’s up to us to gather in person and en-masse online, and create the world of our choosing.

And it’s so cool, because we are actually doing it—on the mat, online and in everyday life.

I think that if we refined our skills, cultivated more clarity and consciously sent out our own waves of energy and information to each other, we’d be on the road to telepathy. Actually, I think we’re already sauntering down that road, sending out bursts of colored stardust as we go.

Most of us have experienced sharing thoughts with others. Maybe we just need more practice, and (I’ll speak for myself here) more personal refinement before actually opening up the thought channels so wide.

We all live, practice and communicate differently. That’s perfect. If each of us endeavors to be, do, interact, and create in ways that contribute to the harmony we seek, then it exists. We construct this world individually and collectively, painting pictures and constructing dances of light and shadow.

So, my question to you is, if you’re the epicenter of your own ripples in the sparkling universal ocean of humanity, what kind of waves do you want to make? What bursts of stardust do you create when you press send?

Photos: Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech


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