March 22, 2012

5 Simple Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Sex Life. ~ Tammy Foley

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A better sex life and it’s fun?

If there were something you could do to improve your sex life that didn’t require a prescription, was fun, improved your physical fitness and flexibility and relieved stress, wouldn’t you want to do it? If yes, you might want to give yoga another chance.

Here are five simple ways that yoga can improve your sex life.

1.  Mindfulness

One of the most important aspects of yoga is being mindful, staying present and focusing on what you are experiencing within your physical body. This is very important in your yoga practice and equally beneficial to your sex life. Being totally present allows you to focus on your own sensations, what brings you pleasure, and also allows you to focus on your partner’s response to you and your touch.

2. Strength and Stamina

In the practice of yoga asanas you are supporting yourself in many poses. Sometimes you hold these positions for many breaths, which builds great strength and stamina, both of which are beneficial during sex when you sometimes have to support your own body weight for significant periods of time. You want your physical body to last as long as your desire.

3. Flexibility

The practice of yoga can increase your flexibility. This added flexibility could add an interesting spice to your sex life. As your hips, back, and hamstrings become supple you are able to move more easily into positions you may have previously thought impossible.

 4. Positive Body Image

Yoga is a non-judgmental practice, combine that with the inevitable muscle tone and self-confidence of exercising and feeling strong and the results are a better body image, which equals less inhibitions. When you are less inhibited you’re truly able to relax and enjoy the experience.

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5. Increased Circulation

The practice of yoga is great for increased blood circulation. Increased blood flow, especially in the pelvic region equals increased sex drive and more intense orgasms.

Yoga is a centuries old way of achieving physical, mental and emotional well-being. With an experienced yoga teacher and the appropriate modifications when necessary, people of every age and body type can practice yoga safely and effectively.

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Tammy Foley is currently studying to be a yoga teacher and holistic nutritional consultant. She has a daily meditation practice that has been her saving grace.  Tammy is the author of the blog AVeganGoddess.com and has a vegan cookbook in the works. Besides her family, veganism, nutrition and yoga are her three biggest passions.  She lives in Southern Maine with her husband of 26 years, three grown sons and much loved boxer, Tallulah.


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