March 9, 2012

The Cure(s) to Cancer.

Cancer is a curable disease and it has been treated for over 100 years from a number of different scientists and healers.

Take a moment. Let the weight of this statement sit with you. Listen to all of the friction it caused. And digest it because what I have just told you is true.

Cancer is curable and we have had the cures for the better part of a century.

Before diving into the solutions—which is the purpose of this article—let us understand the entire scope of the problem. The healthcare system does not aim to heal. It is at best, a system that heals symptoms. Healthcare is a business. And I aim not to prove that businesses are wrong (for they aren’t), but instead to draw your attention towards the profit-driven side of the health enterprise. Cancer alone is a 20 billion dollar per year industry. Health-based industries rely on patients to treat—not to heal.

Healing would inevitably spell out marginal decline in profits and, ultimately, the entire industry would be in trouble. Cures are financially disastrous. This is the reason very few cures have been “found.” On top of this, cancer treatments (besides costing a fortune) are extremely counterintuitive to healing and are in fact, outlandishly ineffective.

Published by the Journal of Clinical Oncology in 2004, chemotherapy garnered an incredibly low 2.1% 5-year survival success rate. This study was also repeated in Australia, finding an almost identical number of 2.3%.

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The current forms of treatment devastate the body. Basically, years of technological advancements in cancer treatment have accumulated in the idea that we will “smoke out the bad guys.” Like using fire to fight fire, we poison the body in hopes of killing the cancer stem cells using harmful chemicals. In this process, we effectively take away our most powerful healing system: our own body.

Most (not all) cancer is a result of our environment, diet and stress. These three factors are harmful to health in general. Cancerous chemicals are in our food supply, our water, the products we use, and sometimes in the air we breathe. To those who are unaware, our bodies are constantly under these pressures. When the body is under such stress it fails to operate optimally. A body in this state will accumulate disease.

It is only by eliminating these stressors—not by adding new ones like chemotherapy—that our bodies will be able to heal themselves. And the true beauty of this approach is there are ways to support the body in its own healing that can drastically improve the condition of the disease, in many cases creating complete remission.

The Solutions:

Doctor Max Gerson.

Max Gerson

Born in Germany in 1881, Gerson received his medical training in Europe before moving to the states. His therapy is based on activating the full potential of the body’s healing capabilities with food. Essentially, the Gerson Therapy uses a fresh, organic, slow-pressed juice diet in combination with cold coffee enemas and an in-patient stress-free environment to cure disease. The Gerson diet is much more than what you are putting into your body. It is also what you are keeping out of it. This strict diet focuses on natural healing tendencies of vitamins, oxygen, and intense detoxification.

Gerson wrote a book summarizing his first 50 cases, in which he treated severely ill, final stage patients. And although there has been much debate and speculation, his center continues to create healed patients. There have been numerous movies filled with patient testimony and duplicated research. His therapy has been banned from the US and his daughter was forced to open a practice in Mexico. Because his treatment is so effective, he has been seriously prosecuted by those looking to uphold traditional cancer therapy.

Dr. Tullio Simoncini

In research done by Dr. Simoncini, an Italian oncologist physician, it was discovered that abnormal cancer cells are held together by a fungus, and this cancer fungus cannot exist in an alkaline environment. By eliminating the fungus, the cancer is destroyed. He uses a pharmaceutical grade sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to dry out the fungus and kill the cancer. You can research more about his findings in his book “Cancer is a Fungus.”

Source: euthman

Rife Frequencies

In 1920, Royal Raymond Rife developed a high power microscope capable of viewing microbes under high magnification. This allowed him to discover that high frequency oscillator waves of certain frequencies, called “Mortal Oscillatory Rate” or MOR could shatter tuberculosis and typhoid bacilli.  He discovered that all bacteria and viruses as well as cancer were targetable with unique frequencies dedicated to each strain. He began testing animals with great success and in 1934 open a human clinic where he treated 14 of 16 patients within three months and the other two shortly after. He used a three minute treatment every third day.

Rife himself stated that this was not a cure to cancer, as he needed to replicate and refine his approach. What is most important about this example is not the technology, but the unwillingness to explore an alternative avenue that showed signs of hope. Rife was effectively ostracized in the scientific community after his results were deemed unable to be replicated. Controversy and speculation coupled with future unprofessional (and mortal) use lead to the dismissal of this promising technology.

Here are a few other alternative cancer treatments I have come across. These additional solutions can be researched by looking up the following names:

Jim Humble & MMS2

Otto Warburg and Max Planck

Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Susanne Somers’ book Knockout: Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer

Food Matters (documentary)

Source: robby_m

The goal of this article is to expand awareness. There are a plethora of options out there for those who are continually told they have only one or two. The greatest weapon we have against cancer, and any disease, is hope. Without hope, the entire system of the body and min will shut down. I have attempted to provide factual resources that will show you other credible options are available so that you or a loved one will not lose hope. I know there is a strong tendency to avoid/deny/refute new information such as the options I have presented, but when lives are at stake, the benefits of success outweigh the risk of ridicule. I hope that this article will help someone in need.

As always, much love.
Editor: Brianna Bemel


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