March 15, 2012

The Inconsistent Man. ~ Stephanie Bailey

Being with someone who’s consistent in their actions can be a great feeling, but when they suddenly stop, it’s usually a big sign that something is wrong. When a guy switches gears and becomes inconsistent it’s hard not to panic inside and wonder what’s going on.

On the other hand, a guy who is consistent with his actions, communicates every day through calling and text messages, sees you one night every weekend, and finds time during the week to hangout, makes you feel secure.

This type of consistency usually goes hand in hand with trust. When you feel trust with a guy it puts your mind at ease, adds a smile to your face, makes you skip in your step and gives you butterflies of joy when you think of him.

When you’re with a consistent guy, you know how he feels without having to “define” the relationship; actions speak louder than words. If he makes the time to call you every day, it shows without saying a word that he likes you.

Since woman have a natural intuition, when a guy stops being consistent, the first thought that’s formed often is, “did he lose his phone, was he in an accident of some sort?” As more time passes and he hasn’t returned your phone call or text, you start to worry, which leads to questions like, “Is he no longer interested, or had he met someone else? Yes, and probably yes!

Men are creatures of habits. They show how they feel through their actions. If a guy never calls, it’s straight forward—he’s not interested. If for weeks or months he makes time to see you and then all of a sudden he’s too busy, there’s someone else in the picture. If he contacts you every day and then stops, he’s probably lost interest.

Why does inconsistency happen?

Most of the time you’ll never know. Since you usually didn’t see it coming (or so you tell yourself), there is no way of preventing it.

There are guys who have been jaded when it comes to relationships and love. They will put in the effort in the beginning; consistency, but still have their hearts guarded. When a guy has been hurt in the past (as most of us have) causing trust issues (as many of have), he will look for reasons to escape a relationship in order to prevent his heart from being broken again.

Figure out the best way to express what you’re feeling in a constructive and simple way; men stop listening when you shout or become too wordy and emotional.

Ladies, no one is perfect. If you can’t be yourself or share things about yourself, past or present, without the guy you are in a relationship with running the other direction, he is not right for you. Everything you go through in life, be it great or challenging, happens for a reason. Your past makes you, you.

Life is too short to have regrets or wish you could have changed anything about yourself. You are wonderful the way you are and the right guy will see value and respect you and not runaway. If a guy continues to be inconsistent, don’t wait around hoping he will change.

Love yourself enough to be consistent in your own values.

Move on with your life.


Editor: Brianna Bemel


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