April 18, 2012

Cold Depression. ~ Sarvasmarana Nithya

In the philosophy of Kundalini yoga, depression is not considered a psychological problem it is seen as an energy problem.

Here in the West depression is on the rise and suicide is up at an alarming rate amongst teens. There is a profound feeling of emptiness, hopelessness and despair no matter what is happening in our lives. We could have everything going our way but inside still remains a void. An insatiable black hole that cannot be satisfied.

Like a drug addict getting his next high. When one accomplishment is achieved we feel the high for a short amount of time, then the crash and burn comes. We feel empty again so we set out for the next the next big high and so the vicious cycle continues. It’s like a dog chasing it’s own tail. Round and round we go, a perpetual series of unhappiness. Even before we start enjoying what we have, we are already strategizing on how we can get more.

Our mind is always saying ‘what next?’  We don’t enjoy having, our joy becomes the chase. These wants are endless and create suffering in our being.

In our modern day culture the solutions seems to be to take the ‘magic pill.’ There is a pill for everything these days. We have been conditioned by society to continuously seek outside of ourselves. Whether that be through another person, fame, money, success, social status or external objects.

Instant gratification is the game we play with ourselves only leaving us more and more empty. Spiritual masters have also called this seeking outside of ourselves “Depression of Success.”

The truth of the matter is we are all born ‘identity less.’ We start forming our identity or ego as a child and start viewing life through these false filters or rose colored glasses. Our ego was there to protect us from harm or danger however, through out the course of our life we forget that we are wearing these rose colored glasses and continue living our life through these filters.

Kundalini Yoga Narayan

The ego always wants you looking outside of yourself, distracting you from your true power. It is highly critical in these times we go inside and unleash our own inner energy, which has an unlimited reserve.

Cold depression is the dismantling of the ego. It is part of the process to become fully conscious.

The ego is angry that it does not have the same impact and influence that it had on you before.

Cold depression is also a build up anger, frustration and self-hatred.

It’s the reality that you have been betraying your own consciousness. All those times you chose the voice of the ego instead of your own true self.

Kundalini yoga is the science of inner energy. It allows you to tap into your own innate energy so you are not seeking outside of yourself.

Meditation and Kriyas are the tools to resurrect and energize you so that you can start to tap into your infinite resources and express your true being once and for all.

The time has come to relinquish our old identity as it is not working for us anymore it is only causing more and more suffering, pain and despair. We need to free ourselves from the self-imposed bondage that we created and start living our true purpose.

When we courageously start bringing more and more awareness and recognizing the cunning games the ego plays the more it will lose its power over us. This may sound surprising to hear but deep down we are afraid of our higher identity, we are afraid of our higher frequency. We have been living a lie our whole lives and have invested so much into this ‘pseudo identity’ we would not know how to operate without it running our lives.

If we did not have this familiar, comfortable, cozy identity to hold onto what we do? What would be there? How would we act? What would happen to my life? What about my family? My job? This concept seems too unobtainable, that idea of enlightenment (living in the space of no identity) seems only possible for the ascetic yogi’s in the Himalayas and it is not possible for us.

When we start disrespecting our ego this becomes the springboard into jumping into our higher identity. When we start having tremendous dis-respect for it looses its power over us.

The frequency is which you live is responsible for your suffering. When we establish ourselves in our higher identity our frequency changes thus expressing tremendous creative energy to fulfill our life’s purpose. From this point our life takes off and explodes into higher dimensions beyond our wildest dreams!


Edited by: Hayley Samuelson


Sarvasmarana is spiritual sadhaka and enlightenment junkie sharing and expressing the Divine that lives within. She has been living in India back forth for the past few years living and studying with her guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda who is a rare living incarnation from South India. When Sarvasmarana is not teaching yoga, meditation, Kriyas (specific yogic techniques to achieve healing or enlightenment) or offering intuitive advice she is either levitating (Yes levitating!) or volunteering at the Nithyananda Vedic Temple in Los Angeles. Sarvasmarana also writes for other yogic publications and is the author of the upcoming book “From Inner Sleeping to Inner Awakening”. She believes that when one transforms oneself, we are transforming the entire Cosmos.






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