April 25, 2012

Eight Songs to Fire You Up.


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Sometimes we all need a little help getting in the mood.

Not a romantic mood. Not in a sleepy, chillaxing kind of mood. You know what I mean. We have days where we just put one foot in front of the other and plod through it all. We need a little help getting back in our stride, getting that fire back.

There are songs that help bring it back. Songs that make you run a little faster. Songs that make you work a little harder. Songs that put that gleam back in your eye, that extra beat in your chest and a little more kick-ass in your morning. Songs that make you say, “Yeah! I can do it!”

Here are eight songs that do that for me:



C’mon. You knew this had to be on the list. Is there anyone who doesn’t get a little bit pumped after hearing this? Eye of the tiger, baby. Run up those steps with pride.



I love this song at the end of a run. It’s that last little bit of yes. “Every time that you lose it sing it for the world. Sing it from the heart. Sing it til you’re nuts. Sing it for the ones that’ll hate your guts…”



Anything by Cage the Elephant works for me, but when I need a little reminder to get up, get out, get on with it—this is what I want. “Oh there ain’t no rest for the wicked—until we close our eyes for good.”




Yeah, you’ve heard it. I’ve heard it. And heard it again. And it doesn’t matter. It starts and I just can’t stay still. In fact, I’m sitting here writing this and I just can’t sit anymore. Dance break. This is one of those songs that makes my whole body smile. You’d better run!



“I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier.” I was torn between this and Mr. Brightside, but by the time it gets to that chorus…this one wins.



This has become one of my go-to “sing obnoxiously loud even though I don’t know the lyrics” songs (of which I have quite a collection). As fun as it is though, this version is 10 times better. Set the world on fire; burn brighter than the sun (even if you aren’t that young anymore).



I’ve had this debate with a few friends who think things are cut and dry. You’re a cat person or a dog person. You’re a morning person or a night owl. Vanilla or Chocolate. Beatles or Stones. I love the Beatles too, but sometimes, you need The Stones. Start me up…I’ll never stop.

This is a tough post to wrap up because every time I think of an eighth song, I think of another one that’s better. Brianna suggested “She Drives Me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals. That would do it. Lynn suggested “Put Your Graffiti on Me” by Kat Graham, which was a new one for me, but one I’ll definitely keep listening to. So, after selecting and rejecting ten different songs for the number eight spot, I picked one, but first a story:

During my second term of massage clinic, I found myself in a rut. Getting pumped up to do several hours of back to back massages at the end of a long day is tough. This was my song on my way to school. Without fail, at least once on the long car ride I’d hear this song and it would just set the tone for me. It’s not a fist-pump kind of pump you up song. It’s a “hey, things are good” song. It’s an “I don’t have it all figured out, but I know that I am in love with my life” song. Things are good. Love your life:



“Let go, give in, give up, surrender.”


What songs fire you up? Send me a few new ones!

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