April 20, 2012

Thing 1 & Thing 2.








…Or what I teasingly refer to as my first and second chakras.

Like Thing 1 and Thing 2, Muladhara(root chakra) and Svadisthana (sacral chakra) have been quite mischievous and often times hard to get a handle on in my life. Years of trying to keep these two chakras in balance and healthy have caused them to be my greatest allies and my biggest nemeses.

These two chakras govern our ability be grounded in our bodies and lives. Think of Muladhara as the foundation to your house. Without it, your house will fall down. Svadisthana chakra governs all that creative expression, sexual expression, personal relationships and pleasure-principal parts of our lives. If the sacral chakra is healthy we feel passionate and expressive.

Now…What the heck is a chakra?

Chakras are vortices of energy that exist in a layer of the human body yogi’s refer to as the subtle body. It’s also known as the aura  or the etheric body. Think of the aura as an electromagnetic “invisible blanket” on top of your physical body.

It is equally important to keep the subtle/auric body healthy as it is the physical and mental body. Doing so helps to prevent illness and injury from manifesting in our physical or mental body. (Meditation, is one way to access and balance the auric body.)

Like many healers, bodyworkers, clairvoyants and mediums I can also see or better yet feel a persons aura and the chakras which are apart of it. The aura is no longer some “froo-froo” experience available only to those with psychic capability.

In recent years, some scientific evidence has shown that when using Kirlian photography, the aura and some of the ever so colorful chakras can in fact been seen .

Photo by Shaylamyst

Muladhara, the root chakra, is an earth element. It governs our need for survival and security. It is the very foundation of our ability to expand successfully into the world.

A blocked root chakra can mean we have difficulty moving beyond getting our basic needs or for some, meeting them. Food issues, repetitive financial struggles, creating stability or long-term happiness are all root chakra imbalances.

Adrenal related issues like chronic fatigue and/or colon related imbalances like Crohn’s disease and colitis are all signs of root chakra imbalances

Svadisthana, the sacral chakra, is a water element. It is the pleasure-principal chakra. Whether you define pleasure through sex, relationships, food, money or art, the sacral chakra is the master of this domain. The second chakra seeks and tries to create gratifying experiences.

When the second chakra is out of balance and blocked you can shut down emotionally and sexually. If there is weakness in the second chakra, you can over indulge and develop addictions. Illnesses can be present in the forms of IBS or reproductive issues both in men and women.

I started having problems with Thing 1 and Thing 2 when I was just seven-years-old. At a very young age I had many of the issues/ailments associated with problematic first and second chakras.

Years of special diets, doctors, therapists and medications would work for moments of time only to take me back to square one. I lived in a constant state of fear of being sick and in pain as well as the embarrassment that inherently went along with a case of “weak first and second chakra.”

Almost a decade later I found a psychic-medium named Mary and a healer/meditator/channeler named Kathryn. My life was forever changed as I was introduced to an alternative way of healing. My sufferings became my blessings as I learned about meditation, yoga, and “new-age nutrition.”

For the first time in my life I felt what being really healthy was about.

When my first major spiritual learning curve ended, it was back to the real life for my Thing 1 and Thing 2.  With the elixir to health and wellness in my back pocket, I delved into some practical root  and sacral chakra activities! I faced the challenges of applying what I learned over the past year about health and balance as I went to college, worked a few jobs and lived with my boyfriend.

For many years I did great.  But, my strident new-age discipline for a new found life waned with the more successes I had (Yeah, I got lazy).  I got sick, healthy, sick again, healthy again and life went on.

Keeping Thing 1 and Thing 2 satiated is no easy task. ( Just ask Dr. Seuss!)

Thankfully, I have zero desire to be perfect and a 100% desire to learn to work  with and embrace all that I was given.

At some point we must all stop fixing ourselves and start being ourselves.

We can’t be in balance all the time…otherwise where would our growth come from? Aren’t our very pains and challenges the elements that force us to grow to the next level of what could be our greatest selves?

Sometimes, life just happens. Our very foundations (Chakras one and two) are shaken to their core. Like an earthquake, we are forced to rebuild, reconnect  and try again. Persistance,will, grounding and courage take form as the lessons of Muladhara and Svadisthana have worked without us even knowing it.


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