April 4, 2012



World’s Largest Photo Project. [Video]

How Big Would You Go For Something You Love?

Anyone who’s taken a high school dark room photography class, or has shaken a Polaroid into existence, or even picked up a roll of film from Target—knows the thrill of seeing an image form, seeing a moment held and then slowly become permanent.

“When I first started doing photography, I was using my hands to create images. And then it seemed like overnight digital came and all of that came to an end…I lost something I loved.”

Perhaps, in our world of pocket iPhone cameras and point-and-shoots, we’ve forgotten how magical this process really is. To re-capture the enchantment of image-making, photographer Ian Ruhter decided to reverse the trend towards using cameras that are more portable, more automatic, and more digital. He decided to go big. He’s taking his photography away from his computer screen and back into his own hands—and into parks and towns across America.

Follow Ian’s journey on his facebook page, and take a look at the video below.

“This project isn’t about creating actual images. It’s not about making the world’s largest camera. It’s about doing what you love.”

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Read 6 comments and reply

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