May 31, 2012

A Good Day to Die.

A Day in the Life.

A month or so ago, after nearly 10 years working at building elephant up, twice (first as a magazine, then online) I burnt out.

I’ve had a hard time stopping working, however—up until recently elephant needed my blogging and social media promotion, sharing. Now, not so much.

Finally, today, though it started early with a big-deal-for-me meeting in Denver, I pretty much took the day off. It was a good day. A good day to die, as our Native American predecessors might have said.

I thought I’d share my sense of appreciation of my day, today—partially because, too much recently, I’ve felt sad and alone and old and tired and beat and done with my once-again home of Boulder, and pushed around, spent. And this day contradicted all of that.

And partially because good days can be too-rare, and this is one I’d like to remember, and cherish, when I’m truly old and really tired.

And, partially, because it’s a good life here, and you should come join us.

A Slow Day in the Fast Lane.

Waylon H. Lewis: Journal: May 30, 2012: Boulder and Denver, Colorado.

wake brush teeth while (my dog) Red does his stuff, throw until-hot water on new apple tree, shower calisthenics meditate dress feed the dog (Redbud’s local goodness) dog walk then bike downtown and see Josh of Pangea at Laughing Goat, then Steve Fenberg of New Era Colorado picks me up on way to his new office in Denver, drops me off for catch-up intense birthday convo in Highlands with friend

meanwhile Red is off with Pam for adventures in mountains

then I get lunch at amazing Linger high-up Highlands viewtop of all of Denver and mountains below, with Dad, greeted by Josh (old acquaintance from Boulder, good to be welcomed warmly in front of pa “Waylon, everyone knows Waylon,” dad full of pride, we talk about grandma and eat too much good farm-to-table hipster food, the place is vast, creative, inspiring

then walk over new pedestrian bridge “the problem with humans is we build too many walls, too few bridges” says the plaque on way to bus station…popping head in forest-green carpeted Tattered Cover book store,

then Kitchen Denver, see some more Boulder friends, and get coincidental generous ride back to Boulder with etown’s H & D, then get personal tour of state-of-art under-construction etown Hall by valiant tired Nick, now finally some quality time with laptop in the Cup, run into Jen who has photos of me from Coachella last year, then bike to bouldering gym.

then bike back, run across farmers market, buy good (vegan) bread and (hot) salsa and loudly (but generally jovially) debate (yet again) with farmer friends about the dog ban, the human race loves to make rules to outlaw assh()les,

then long talk with old Buddhist childhood friend on the grass, bike to Alfalfa’s grocery shopping, walk to basketball, play hard in hot sandy sun, then on way back stopped and did nothing for awhile, for once—feet-in-cold-farmer’s ditch—then home, a good big salad with raisins and dijon and evoo and apple cider vinegar and carrots and flowers and vegan ice cream and and dumb action movie.

Finally, I did it: worked for not-even three hours today, tops.

Now bed—early meeting in the morning—I’ll finally sleep 7.5 hours, if I get to bed fast. My routine here is brush teeth, stare out at moon and breathe the cool air, go to bed and meditate…dreams.

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