May 6, 2012

Supermoon! It’s a Marvelous Night for a Moon Dance.

Photo: Jamie Squires

“…A fantabulous night to make romance.”

Tonight the moon will be at the closest point to the Earth in its orbit, making it look 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual. That’s what scientists call called perigee and we are calling a super moon.

I am continually fascinated by the moon, I find myself drawn to watch the changes in the night sky at each phase of the moon. Each and every  time I see a stunning full moon, without fail, I send out a note to my dearest friends, the people who fill my heart with joy, the ones I think of who I completely cherish in my life. I send them a note, a call, a text, an email and I remind them to go look up.

My message always says the same thing: “Go look at the moon.”

Simple. Brief. I could be saying “I love you,”  “I adore you,”  “I value you,”  “I think of you” or  “I honor you.” This is my way of sharing those sentiments, all at once.

This continued practice makes me feel closer to the people I love—knowing we are under the same moon. We are connected as we see the same beauty and for a split second, as we gaze skyward, we are together.

From Cathy Lynn Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology: 

“This year’s Scorpio Full Moon arrives during Beltane (May 1-5), the Celtic earth festival that celebrates the beginning of Summer….”

 ”At Beltane, we dance around the Maypole, weaving the masculine and feminine energies of life and love, hope and expectation.  And so, each year Life is renewed.  Beltane is another fire festival, symbolizing the next leap of light here in the northern hemisphere.  You’ll notice that the light will increase dramatically now as high summer approaches.  The bonfires we light at Beltane give us back the light of renewed hope for the coming year.   When we leap over the Beltane fire, it cleanses us of any lingering darkness, and brings us luck and fertility.  It is during Beltane that the veils between the worlds open and the Faerie folk come out to dance with us.  So go outside and enjoy this time of beauty and delight. “

“This Scorpio Full Moon is also called the Wesak Moon, the most auspicious day in Buddhism, for it celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha.  In this energetic opposition between Taurus and Scorpio, we are all called to the great union with Nature and the heavens, celebrating the Divine within Nature and within ourselves.  Like the Buddha, we are called to acknowledge the divine spirit in our human nature as we overcome and release the emotional demons that plague us and separate us from our spiritual inheritance…”

“This potent full Moon, which is also another superMoon, meaning it is close to the Earth and therefore exerts a stronger pull on us, calls us to give birth to the powerful destiny seeded within each of us.  This is the year to do it and now is the time to let go of the fears and the demons that keep us caught up in the delusions of our patriarchal society.   We can band together with like-minded people (Venus in Gemini) and create a life that is meaningful, creative and strong (Mars in Virgo).”

“This Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon asks us to become aware of the people and things we give the highest value to, and to look at the emotional trauma that keeps us apart.  It’s time to question our values and beliefs about money, power, happiness and our connection to each other and to the Earth.  There are powerful forces at work determined to keep the old system alive, regardless of how many people and places it destroys.  But we are equally powerful, and the Cosmos is lending us energy to break-through our paralysis and stand up for our beliefs.”

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Editor: Kate Bartolotta


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Read 3 comments and reply

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