June 3, 2012

Anna Wintour Inviting Me to a Party?

It's a Party

I received a lovely email from Anna Wintour.

Hmmm…don’t recall meeting her, but I meet tons of people, so it is possible that I made such a huge impression that she just didn’t want to leave me off her guest list. Or this is just another email for campaign contributions. I wonder.
Jamie—I take deadlines seriously.I’m writing to remind you that you’re facing one tomorrow: your last chance to join President Obama, the First Lady, and me for dinner at Sarah Jessica Parker’s home in New York on June 14th.After dinner, you and a guest of your choosing could join the President and First Lady at a private concert from Mariah Carey.There’s simply no excuse to let this slip:Donate to Barack Obama’s Campaign

I don’t do this sort of thing often—get involved with politics, that is.

But I’m doing everything I can to support President Obama this summer and fall because it’s important that we all do.

Nights in New York like this one are a happy side benefit.

I hope to see you there.

Anna Wintour.

That was thoughtful, I felt it deserved a response.

Dear Anna Wintour,

I take deadlines very seriously as well and didn’t realize I was under one, thanks for bringing this urgent party to my attention.

As a person living with chemo and as a self employed photographer/writer & single mom I completely understand deadlines. I have to respond a “maybe.”

I would love to attend your to-do and rub shoulders with yourself and SJP. I, shockingly, don’t have a dress or shoes, living in Boulder reduces the need for anything but yoga pants and flip flops. Plus, this whole lack of universal health care really has eaten my savings. Damn if I would have known there was a party maybe I would have asked for cheaper medication.

On the bright side, if one of your brilliant designer friends feel like loaning a dress to a beautiful (or so I’ve been told) bald chic, I’m a size 4/6 & wear a 38 in shoes. I don’t eat much as medication has some wanky side effects, so no need to pick chicken or fish. Just some mashed potatoes and I’m good.

Also, will need a place to stay. Maybe SJP and Matthew will let me sleep on the couch.

So, to confirm I am totally there, “if” you grab me a stunning dress, something that goes great with bald head and some killer shoes, not too high—remember I wear flip flops every day.  A flight, a room, a car and mashed potatoes.

Much love,

Jamie Squires

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