July 19, 2012

A Showboat Encounter. ~ Stephanie Bailey

A showboater is someone who displays “potential interests” around like trophies when they are out on the town.

“All Aboard!” is definitely this person’s motto. Since a showboater is usually exquisitely good looking, flirtatious, and sexy, “potentials” flock to them like bees to honey.

When I first met a showboater, I thought he was different. There was this spark that caught my attention when he looked in my eyes. I was pulled to him instantly, like a magnet. As I started to get to know him, I felt I was floating on air each time he spoke. This man knew how to reel me in with his words and captivating smile.

We connected with such ease. He walked me around the bar hand in hand as if we had been dating forever. He never took his eyes or hands off me. After talking for less than an hour, he was figuring out when our next encounter would be. I couldn’t believe how happy and comfortable I felt around him. How could this amazing man be single? How did I become so lucky to have found him? I was soon to realize it wasn’t “luck” at all.

As I reluctantly said goodbye, he kissed me several more times asking me to stay. Although the thought definitely crossed my mind, I decide to be a “good girl” and go home. It wasn’t an easy decision. As I was leaving, he put his hand under his shirt and over chest, moving it up and down, like a beating heart, demonstrating the effect I had on him. Wow, I was more than smitten. Could I finally have met the perfect guy for me? What I didn’t know was that many women also thought he was the perfect man for them. That’s what happens when you meet a showboater.

When I told my friends this story I realized that showboating is cross gender. Not only have my girlfriends come across men who showboat, but also some of my male friends have come across women showboaters.

A showboater is a one hit wonder, singing the perfect refrain for every person they meet. You have no idea at the time that you only have one moment or possibly one evening with them before they completely loses interest. Thank God I did not go home with the showboater I met. Once you are out of their sight, you vanish out of their mind as if the magical moment you shared never existed. That hurts.

Unfortunately, you don’t realize this fun filled fact until every time you bump into them and they’re with a different “interest” each time. A showboater will put you in the “friend-zone” in less than 24 hours. Ouch, definitely a bruise to the ego.

When you see a showboat they’re not just with different “potentials,” they will also act as if the person they are with is their boyfriend or girlfriend. Why does this seem familiar? In a blink of an eye, with no shame in their step, they are smiling, holding hands, kissing, and wrapping their arms around the newest “potential” like they are the only one in their life.

You’ll swear it’s like watching the movie Groundhog Day, except it’s live. This showboater is the star instead of Bill Murray. Your character is replaced with new “interests” each time the scene is repeated. Just like Groundhog Day, this scenario will seem to last forever, causing you to think, “What the hell?” each time it repeats.

A showboater has a lot of allure but very little heart. This person walks around with confidence and ease, never caring if the person they were showcasing last week is in the same room. In fact if they spot you, they will even have the audacity to introduce you to their new “eye-candy.” You have to wonder if they have amnesia, or just heartless. I’m thinking both.

Bottom-line, if someone is quick to release their “heartfelt” emotions after only knowing you for a few hours, then they are just as quick to draw them back. A person like this is emotionally unavailable.

When you have an encounter with a showboater; take in the entertainment for what it is, do not stay for the final act, and know when to disembark. This relationship is a sinking ship.


Editor: Ryan Pinkard


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